The Life of a Legend – A Percy Jackson Fanfiction -Chapter 1

Poster for the story

Percy POV:

Flashback: 3 months back

Why, oh why? Gaea had awakened. Curse my nose, it destroyed everything with just one drop of blood. My amnesia and eight full months of unwanted sleep had been wasted. She was currently standing 5 feet above the ground, laughing like an evil maniac. Before she could say something, I saw my father, the Greek God Poseidon, lifting me in the sky.

Before the other gods could do the same to their children, Gaea moved her hand and killed everyone in 10 kilometers who was in contact with the ground. I turned around to see everyone who I cared for dead. I saw Annabeth’s body on the ground lifeless. Anger and adrenaline rushed inside me as I willed the water in the air to push me higher than I already was.

I wanted to just sit and break down but I knew I could not do that.

As I faced Gaea, in a deathly calm voice I said, “You have crossed your limits Gaea, may you fade but never rest.” I could see even some gods shiver from the corner of my eyes.

Poseidon POV: Still flashback.

I could feel Percy’s Aura rising until it was that of a minor god. His raven-black hair suddenly became erect like Zeus’ spawns’. Even I felt sympathy towards the boy. It was like the fates were making his thread of life from a celestial bronze wire which was constantly being dipped inside the river Styx. He was glowing Sea green, but his eyes were red from pure rage. His glare making even Gaea move back. Tears that left his eyes immediately evaporated from his glowing sea-green skin. He turned water vapor liquid and put it on Gaea’s head with all his force to distract her, before sprinting in the air and making riptide go through my grandmother’s heart. Her wound could have healed in a minute or two -maybe even less- but fortunately, Riptide was the special blade of the sea, so the wound would not heal for at least 10 minutes.

All the gods including me saw this, stunned to do anything. He did not let Gaea fall, as she would have healed faster when in contact with the ground. Instead, he willed the water in her ichor to come out of her body. Gaea’s body blasted off, leaving behind gold ichor. We saw that the ichor started to flicker. The fates had decided to turn Gaea’s thread of immortal life grey, meaning the Earth goddess had faded into The Realm of Faded.  Percy suddenly closed his hatred-filled eyes and clenched his sword tighter and fainted on the ground to the realms of Morpheus.

But what happened next surprised us even more, Riptide started rising in the sky, sunlight glistening from its bronze blade. In a powerful voice, Riptide spoke, or at least I assumed it spoke, “I am the spirit of Riptide, made to oppose Gaea by Ouranos. As his blood touched the sea, I was born out of vengeance and given to safe keeping to Pleione. Pleione then gave it to her daughter Zoe Nightshade and my master Percy got it after many others. My purpose is fulfilled and now I must go to the Realm of the faded to be with my creator. Perseus has been a faithful and great wielder.” With that the sword flickered and vanished, leaving us all flabbergasted.

Flashback end



Percy POV:

All the burials were conducted the day before. The last thing I saw of Annabeth was drachmas on her eyes and her peaceful expression as her coffin closed. Everyone cried and even the new campers sobbed. I have been crying for the past three months because they all died because of me. Because it was all my fault. I still could not believe that they all were gone. Jason, Piper, Hazel, Frank, Reyna, Travis Stoll, Connor Stoll…. And Annabeth. They could not leave him like this. Together forever, right?

Third Person POV:

Percy collected himself. packed his bag and put a dagger in his pocket, while sheathing his not-very-balanced replacement sword, he became ready for Hermes to pick him up along with the rest of the demigods, who he mostly did not know much about. He walked out of Cabin 3 to find Hermes and the others already there, waiting for him.

He nodded at Hermes and in a blink of an eye, they were in the throne room. Then Hermes, who had turned into Mercury, making him a bit taller with formal clothes and a heavy voice. He then went and bought the Romans as well before turning back to Hermes. Zeus spoke, “We gods are extremely sorry for your losses. Anyways, without pondering on it further, it is time for the rewards.”The king of the gods nodded at Percy’s father and the god of the sea stood up.

“Perseus Achilles Theseus Jackson, for your extreme loyalty and your help in the two great wars: The Titanomachy 2 and the Gigantomachy 2, we not only offer you the gift of godhood, but we all will be also willing to give you a place on this council if you agree.”

Everyone in the room gasped. Percy… An Olympian? Percy moved forward and bent on one knee and replied, “Thank you so much for this offer father but I must decline this.” All eyes were on Percy now, shocked at his modesty and selflessness. The two times savior of Olympus looked at the King of Olympus and added, “But I do have four wishes and I hope that it will be fulfilled.”

Zeus came out of his shock and composed himself before replying, “Very well. I swear on the River Styx that Percy’s wishes would be fulfilled by us gods if it is in our power. Now you may say your-“

“-Wait”, interrupted the god of the sea sadness and proudness both visible in his eyes. “Before we move ahead, I would like to give this Trident to my son. This is like a mini version of my Trident and will help him control his water-powers better. Also, he will be able to cause minor earthquakes. This would be a replacement for Riptide and he would use this as a weapon for fighting. It can be turned to a tattoo under his SPQR one by just thinking and will change back to a Trident if he touches the tattoo. Also, nobody will be able to pick the trident except you. Even Hercules won’t be.” Saying that Perseus was surprised would be an understatement.



Everyone in the throne room was astonished except Hephaestus and Poseidon, signaling that the God of the Forges had made it. “Thank you, father. I would like to name it Triplos, which, as you know, means Tripointed”, said the bane of Kronos accepting the gift. He twirled it once and then made it turn into a tattoo and he felt a burning pain on his forearm. He looked and saw a very beautiful trident carved under his SPQR tattoo. The tattoo was glowing green and waves were flowing all around it. It looked miraculous.

Percy nodded at Zeus and stated his first wish, “Firstly, I want Lady Hestia and Lord Hades to become a part of the Olympian Council and all the peaceful titans like Calypso and Leto to be freed from their prison.”

Everyone was surprised by his actions. Lady Hestia came running towards him from the hearth and hugged him and whispered, “Thank you”, again and again, whereas Hades just patted on the Minotaur Slayer’s shoulder, expressing his gratitude, not used to physical contact.

Two thrones suddenly appeared out of nowhere. One was made of fire and had a heart-shaped backrest, while the other was made of shadows and a skull on each armrest. Zeus was angry but agreed but did not forget to glare at Percy.

Then, he went ahead with his other wish. “My second wish would be to combine the two camps if it is OK with the new Praetors of Legion 12 and name it as Camp Olympus”.

The Praetors started discussing with the senate and agreed sometime later. Now there was only one camp, and this would help all the demigod population.

Percy then faced the king of the gods and said, “My third wish is that you remove the ancient laws that state that you can meet your children often and stay with them for some time. Maybe you can stay with us at camp for some time then.” This wish earned many gasps but Zeus grudgingly revoked the laws.

Percy then faced his favorite uncle Hades and announced his last wish.

“And my last wish. I know that the dead cannot be brought back, therefore I wish that all the demigods that sacrificed their lives and died in this war to go to Elysium, including the ones that joined the enemy.”

After the gods assure him that his wishes have been fulfilled, Dionysus led them to a party that everyone except Percy attended and enjoyed.



Percy POV:

I was sitting outside the party hall when I saw a demigod running with a satyr, behind him were two ferocious-looking Emposai. I ran to the elevator and pressed the ground button. The music was so bad and the elevator’s one light bulb was not working. Oops, got distracted… Blame it on ADHD. As soon as the door opened, I ran out and went near the Emposai. I decided to use the dagger and lunged forward. The monsters noticed me and shot an arrow at me. I ducked and rolled towards them before sending them back to Tartarus.

Jake POV:

The person with green eyes and raven black hair came running at me and I cowered behind my best friend Rob, who I now knew was a goat-man. The boy can forward and introduced himself as Percy. He looked friendly and I decided to trust him, therefore introduced myself. I suddenly remembered that Rob had told me about this guy. He was like the leader figure. From that moment onward, I made banishing him my main motive. This guy then explained to me about being a demigod and all the gods. He took me to the 600th floor of the Empire State Building and just as I got in the party hall, everyone looked at Percy and then at me. Then they started looking on top of me. I looked up to see a torch burning above my head.

Percy POV:

That was the symbol of Hecate. I clapped and announced, “All hail Jake Spells, the child of Hecate.” I motioned Jake to go to his brothers and sisters and he happily went and started chatting. Zeus then announced, “Demigods, you would be stayed in the Olympus Guest rooms for now until Athena and her children design the new camp and Hephaestus and his children make it along with Poseidon’s Cyclopes.” I became sad remembering how happy Annabeth would have been if she was given to design the camp, then, I became a bit happy as I would be meeting Tyson, my half-brother. Hopefully, nobody noticed the expressions on my face as I don’t want any more pity than I already am getting. Hermes and Apollo guided us to our rooms and I had a whole room to me being the only demigod child of the Sea God.

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