The Life of a Legend- A Percy Jackson Fanfiction – Chapter 2

Poster for the story

Time skip to 20 days

Percy POV:

The camp is done and we demigods will be moving in it today. I have been trained with Chiron and my dad in Olympus, learning how to use the trident and Jake was being taught by the Hecate campers. Today, I would fight with Chiron with the Trident and even other weapons of mine just so he can check my skill level. We would be moving to camp after the fight. Nobody has seen the camp except for the Hephaestus and Athena kids but they are not telling us. I have found a sword and even though it is not well balanced like Riptide, I have been using it. I was about to go to the arena when Tyson came to me with a pen case in his hand. I looked at him questioningly and gestured towards the case.

“Hey brother, I got to know a few weeks back that you don’t have Riptide anymore and from then I have been preparing something for you. It has been enchanted by the cabin counselor of Hecate himself. This here is a sword, like Riptide. It is now in pen form and it will come back to the owner, which will be you once you touch it. I have not touched it with my bare hands, so I am not the owner. Also, once you decide its name, the name will be engraved on its hilt.”

I was flabbergasted and hugged him. He hugged me back and almost broke my bones. I expressed my gratitude to him and ensured him that I will use this. I took it from the case and felt the energy flow into me, most likely meaning that it had chosen its owner. I looked around to see if anyone was looking because I wanted it to be a surprise to everyone while fighting Chiron and uncapped it. It turned into a beautiful sword perfectly balanced. It had water swirling around it, just touching the blade. The hilt was golden in color and the blade was brown, golden, silver, sea green with some gold flakes and blue.  Energy flowed into me from the water and also I felt rejuvenated from it. I questioned Tyson, “Why is the blade in different colors?”

“Oh, those are different metals. The brown is Celestial Bronze. The golden is Imperial gold. The silver is Olympic Platinum and Titanium mix. The sea green is Oceanic gold. And finally, the blue is the concentrated power of the ocean which you can use to spray on enemies and people will die if it touches their skin. It will spray if you think about it. Also, no one except you can wield it and pick it up once you touch it until you die. If someone else tries, his hand starts burning, not like your Trident as nobody can pick that up. Now please think and name for it”, explained Tyson. I was dumbfounded. I did not even know so many metals. I hugged him and fist-bumped, saying thank you repeatedly. Then thought of the name. “I would like the name to be Katalixi, which means Ending.” Suddenly, the hilt became so hot that I almost dropped it. I checked it and it was written ‘κατάληξη’ over there. So, the name had been imprinted there huh. I thanked him and he wished me luck for my fight.



Zeus POV:

Today would be a fight between my nephew and my Half-brother. The truth is that I have started to like and respect my nephew more than even Heracles. He is a perfect product of what a demigod should be and is even more loyal than my brother. The proof of that is the fact that Poseidon plotted against me along with Hera because he wanted the throne. I hope Perseus wins. Right now, we gods are waiting in the arena, waiting for when the match will start. I saw him enter the arena from one end and Chiron from the arena. My brother Poseidon stands up, and says, “Today, we are here to see a friendly dual between my son Perseus and my half-brother Chiron. Powers are allowed for Percy. You both can use any weapon, including magic weapons. May the fight begin.”

I saw Chiron take out a spear. Percy saw this and touched his forearm and in a blink of an eye, there was the Trident in his hands. They both took their stances and started circling each other, looking for openings. Suddenly I saw an opening in Percy’s stance and by the looks of it, Chiron saw it too. Chiron jumped forward on his four legs and galloped forward, stabbing his spear towards Percy. It looked like Percy had anticipated this move and allowed Chiron to find an opening because he pushed his trident forward and tried to put the spear between the two blades of the trident and when it was locked successfully, he twisted in in an attempt to disarm Chiron. But Chiron was strong, so he was not able to twist it.

Chiron then pushed his spear forward in an attempt to stab Percy at his chest, which Percy responded to by ducking and twisting his Trident with full power. This much power broke the spear and Chiron retreated. Chiron took out his bow, knocked an arrow, and shot it towards Percy. Percy concentrated and a stream of water came out of the middle blade of Triplos and deflected the arrow.

They continued this until Chiron’s quiver ran out of arrows and he sheathed his bow, taking out dual swords. I looked towards Percy and realized that he did not have his replacement sword in his sheath. As Percy saw Chiron draw his swords, he smirked and said, “Well, it is time for you to meet Katalixi.” My mind immediately translated it to Ending. He took out a dagger from his left pocket and took out a pen from his right. My eyes widened at the realization that the pen looked exactly like Riptide. But it could not be possible. Percy took out the cap of the pen and I saw the most beautiful sword come out. It radiated power and everyone gawked at it, including Chiron. Percy saw this as a distraction and ran up to Chiron and started attacking. He was a blur to even my Godly eyes at the start.



I noticed after some time that he had one steady rhythm. Also, that he was using a Roman method so Chiron would not recognize it.  Slash, parry, stab, dodge, stab, slash, parry, stab, dodge, duck and slash, parry, jump and stab, parry. He went so fast that it was even difficult for Hermes to see. Chiron was still on defense, unable to do anything else because Percy was dodging his hits and attacking back. Then Percy used the first technique he had learned.

The one the spawn of Hermes ad taught him. Chiron was caught off guard from the sudden switch from Roman to Greek and he got disarmed. Chiron still had one sword but Percy retreated. Then Percy did something surprising, he sheathed his dagger and touched his forearm, so he gets his Trident out. Dual-wielding of a trident and sword? A medium-ranged weapon and a short-ranged one? I thought. A beam of water shot out of it and made Chiron fall.

Chiron still had the sword but the water that shot out soon gathered and went towards Chiron’s fallen sword, picking it up. The sword came back to Percy and he gladly took it, turning the Trident back into a tattoo. “Wow, what a tactic”, I commented, making sure no one heard. With two swords he used the Roman method of disarming and placed one sword behind Chiron’s head and the other pointing towards Chiron’s gut. “Do you yield?” he asked, panting severely and sweating profusely. Chiron nodded and the crowd including myself broke into applause. Even my son Ares was applauding, and that shocked all the Gods and Percy.

 Percy then gave Chiron’s swords to him and said something I could not hear even with my advanced hearing due to the applause. Chiron sheathed his sword and shook Percy’s hand. Then, along with Percy who had also put his sword (now pen) back into his pocket, they both stood in front of them.

I was proud of Percy and today, I would show Poseidon that I have started caring for his spawn. I stood up from my throne and said, “Well done Percy. I am proud of you. You have learned to be a perfect demigod.” Everyone was looking at me, wide-eyed. “Your fighting styles are very good and confusing, but can you tell me from where you have got this sword of yours?” Percy explained and Poseidon was beaming with joy when he said that Tyson had made it. “A nice name chosen, Percy”, I commented once he had finished.

“If anyone doesn’t want to say anything then you all demigods may depart towards Camp Olympus.”

I looked around and I suddenly felt a presence in my mind. I realized that it was Hades’. I let him in my mind.

Hades: Brother, I want to give Percy something. Can I please give it to him?

Me: Sure brother.



Then Hades stood up and went to Percy while announcing. “Perseus Achilles Theseus Jackson, you have brought back my Helm of Darkness, given me a throne on Olympus and you had been a good friend of my son Nico and for that, I would like to give you this double-sided battle-ax. May it always be with you when in need and I hope you will learn hope to use it well. Its one side is made of Imperial gold and the other one is made of Stygian Gold. Also, I permit you to touch Stygian metals.”

Percy was speechless. His jaw touching the ground. He closed his mouth and stuttered a thank you and accepted it. “Name it please and it would burn like Tyson’s sword until the name is engraved.

Percy POV:

I was dumbstruck. Uncle was giving me a battle ax? Iris tell me that your mist is doing this. It is not of course. I am such a seaweed brain. I suddenly became sad at that thought but did not let it show on my face. I quickly decided to name it Moiraios, meaning Fatal. After saying the name, the hilt suddenly became hot and I almost dropped it. I saw that the name had been engraved on it. Uncle nodded appreciatively and sat back at his throne, telling me that if I tapped twice on the hilt, it would turn to a cap, and the cap will always come back to me. Also, that if I take off the cap, it will turn into an ax. After some formalities by the gods, we went to the Camp Olympus 80-seater bus (it was quite long) and departed towards Camp Olympus.–A-Percy-Jackson-Fanfiction-e12v5ks : Link for Podcasts till now (including now)

Author Note: Next Chapter tomorrow

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