The Life of a legend – A Percy Jackson Fanfiction – Chapter 3

Poster for the story

Chapter 3

Jake POV:

The camp was very beautiful, but I did not care for the camp. I have learned all the spells my siblings know, and it is time to start my plan. After we all were settled, I sneaked to the Hypnos cabin. I used the dream change spell and made a fake dream showing Gaea asking Percy about camp and Percy sitting next to Kronos, talking about battle strategies. I did this to everyone at the Hypnos cabin. Then I went to Athena’s cabin and modified the dream to show that Percy had put fake tears when he went to Annabeth’s coffin and showed that he wanted Annabeth dead. He knew that everyone thinks that demigod dreams are true so they would believe in the dreams. Then I went to Demeter, Aphrodite, Ares, and Apollo Cabin and showed that he actually paused the time with the help of Kronos and then killed Piper and Frank. I was exhausted by it, so I did one last thing.

I went to Chiron, making a fake dream showing Gaea asking Percy about camp and Percy sitting next to Kronos, talking about battle strategies, and killing everyone. After that, I went to my cabin and fainted on my bed from exhaustion.



Percy POV:

I liked the architecture a lot and I cannot help but think that Annabeth would have loved it. With that thought, I fell asleep on my new bed and was happy to find that I did not dream. I woke up 3 hours before anyone wakes, which was unusual, so I went to the training area. Nobody was awake yet, which was not at all surprising. I took off my cap and it changed into Moiraios. I happily started training and learned some moves and killed a lot of dummies. I was drenched in sweat, so I went to my cabin and took a shower. I checked the watch given to me by my English teacher and stepfather, Paul Blofis, and realized that I was ten minutes late for breakfast. I sprinted to my table and saw that everyone was looking at me with disgust, hurt, and betrayal in their eyes.

I got very confused but shrugged it off and started eating. After I finished, I saw that Clarisse, along with all other Ares campers and Will coming from the other directions with all other Apollo campers. Why were they coming towards me? Ares and Apollo cabin never cooperate, so why today? Why were they coming towards me? Is there capture the flag today and I did not pay attention and they are coming to me to discuss? My thoughts were interrupted when they started beating me and hitting me. I could not do anything because of my fatal flaw. I felt betrayed and lonely. Why were they doing this? What have I done? The Apollo campers were with them, so I could not go to the infirmary, therefore I just went to the lake and made the water clean and heal me. Then, I went to Chiron to ask what had happened to the campers and he just ignored me, muttering that I was a disgrace to the Greek world, and went somewhere else.

I could not handle this anymore and decided to leave the camp and be an assassin, killing monsters and bringing new demigods to this camp, asking them not to believe the Percy Jackson rumors, and changing my name to something else. So, I went to my cabin and packed, putting Ambrosia and Nectar, along with some clothes, and wore all the enchanted weapons. I left my watch, which my stepfather gave me because I wanted it to be there if I ever returned.



Jake POV:

Yes! I could see the betrayal in his eyes. Now, it was time for the second part of my plan. I saw Percy coming out of his cabin and saw that people from the other cabins were already out. I changed the mist so that it shows that 15 hell-hounds came from the forest and pounced towards me. Then I changed the mist to make it seem that I killed all of them with my sword fearlessly. Everybody started clapping and saying that I should be the leader instead of Percy and I saw Percy leaving the camp.

I went to Percy and mockingly said, “So, did you like my magic of turning everyone against you and making that show out of the mist? I changed everyone and now I will be the leader of this camp” He was so angry and took off his cap and came towards me with his ax, ready to kill me. Campers started running towards him trying to make him stop and before he could swing his ax at me but Hermes intercepted and said, “Perseus”, with venom, and added monotonously, “You are summoned to Olympus.” And with that Hermes and flashed away with Percy.

Percy POV:

I was furious. How could Jake do this after I saved his life? When Hermes flashed me to the throne room, I immediately bowed to the council. I saw that they all were very angry and realized that their children must have told them the lies. Before I could say anything, Zeus said, “Perseus Achilles Theseus Jackson, for your Treason against Olympus, the council hereby sends you to Tartarus to rot until you di-“

“Wait”, I cut him off.

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