The Life of a Legend – A Percy Jackson Fanfiction – Chapter 4

Poster for the story


Chapter 4


“I have not done anything; I swear on the river Styx.” Everyone visibly relaxed. I then explained to them who had done this and why Jake had done it. Apollo kept on interrupting me by telling everyone that I was saying the truth. The King of the Gods was furious and demanded Jake to be brought and executed but again my fatal flaw kicked in and I told him not to.

They told me that I can go back to the camp, but I refused and told them my plan. “Very well, but before you go, I think you deserve to be first blessed by all the Olympians and made partially immortal. Do you accept?”



I was beyond shocked and by the looks of the faces of other gods, this decision of Zeus was not voted and discussed. “I- I wi-will b-be hon-honored m-my lo-lord”, I stuttered out. Zeus chuckled and every god became human-sized. Zeus came to me and shot a beam of pure energy towards me.

I felt a pain that was like the pain I felt while lifting the sky times the pain I felt while taking a dip in the River Styx. I fell to the ground shaking from the pain. “You will be able to summon lightning bolts, control winds, I have permitted you to fly in my domain and you may change into an eagle. Everyone one by one gave me their blessing and every time I fell to the ground in pain.

From Hera, I got the ability of telekinesis and telepathy. I would be able to turn into a cuckoo, can read the minds and emotions of everyone easily.

From dad, I got better control over my water power (including the ability to freeze and evaporate it). I can turn into Pegasus and other horses including Arion and Unicorns. I also got the ability to change shape only to a non-living thing (still not Frank 2.0). He also gave me two more abilities but told me that I would have to find them on my own

From Artemis, I got partial immortality, hunting skills, the ability to be light on my feet, the ability to turn into a deer, the ability to talk to wild animals, the ability to be better with a bow, and the ability of healing in the moonlight but that would take a lot of time. I also got a mortal silver hunting knife which was a foot long for killing mortals and werewolves and it can come back to me as a ring. I named it Fengitis which means moonsilver. Also, she told me that there is a hidden thing about Fengitis, but that I have to find it on my own.

From Apollo, I got better archery skills, the ability of healing under sunlight but will take a lot of time and manipulation of it, can write poems. Better healing rate and can tell if a person lies. I also got an Imperial Gold hunting knife just like Artemis’, even with the same enchantments. He also said there is something special about it. He told me it was already named Fotovolída.

From Demeter, I got the ability to sprout plants, shrubs, and herbs. The ability of plant travel (like Meg from Trials of Apollo).

From Dionysus, I got the power to cure madness, madden people for more than 3 hours, and ability to sprout vines.

From Ares, I got the ability of easily learning any combat skills, he removed the curse I got when I battled him(reluctantly), the ability to focus during battle, the ability to know how to use each weapon, and the ability to change into a vulture.

From Hephaestus, I got a bow made of all Godly and mortal metals (excluding cosmos metals) which can be summoned, I can forge almost anything and be fireproof but will not be able to control fire.

From Aphrodite, I got better looks and a very strong charmspeak, the ability to change into a dove, the ability to change appearances, and the ability to change clothes by just thinking.

From Athena, I got a lot of wisdom, the ability to weave, the ability to change into an owl, and an unbreakable shield that can be turned into a watch and will come back to me. I named it Empodio which means barrier. I also got cured of my dyslexia and am partly cured of my ADHD, though I still am not able to focus that much.

From Hermes, I got the ability to be as fast as light, the ability to be very sneaky, and having a good mind for pranks.

From Hades, I got the ability of shadow traveling to short distances, the ability to summon dead and gems and metals. I also got the ability to know if someone is near death.

From Hestia, I got better cooking skills, the ability to summon food, the ability to control fire, the ability to fire travel, and the ability to spread hope. I also got a staff which can also be turned into a spear by thinking of it. I named it Evelpi which means hopefulness. It can be turned into a necklace if I tap three times on the top of the staff and will always come back to the owner.

The Olympians then called Geras and Hebe to bless me together so that I can change my age as I want.

I then asked them whether I can leave, and they told me I have 1 year to master all the blessings then I will have to get back to the job. I thanked them and assured them that I will try to. As I was going to the elevator, there was a bright flash near me and I met a goddess I thought I would never meet; Hecate.

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