The Life of a Legend – A Percy Jackson fanfiction – Chapter 5

Poster for the story

Chapter 5

Percy POV:

I bowed to her hesitantly. “Rise Perseus”, said the magic goddess, “I am here to apologize for my son’s actions, and I will give you my blessings too. You cannot say no.”

“Lady Hecate”, I replied, “I will be honored to but let me tell you that it is not your mistake. You do not need to apologize for the mistakes of your son.”

Another beam was shot from her hand and excruciating pain hit me once again. I was happy and decided that I would not go through the elevator. I jumped through the barrier of Olympus and started falling. I concentrated on changing my body to that of an eagle and felt a tug in my gut which was a bit different from the normal one. I opened my eyes to find it zoomed 1000 times my normal one. I could not see the color blue, which was weird. I moved my hands up and down and started rising, indicating I had succeeded. I went towards Camp Olympus to see what was happening and to see it for the last time.

I concentrated on changing to a Dove and once I transformed, I sat on Thalia’s tree.  I could see the Athena Parthenos and I could see the Gods talking but could not hear them. Then, I could see the campers beating Jake and crying. I changed into an eagle so I could hear them and heard Chiron asking for search parties.

I was done with them and decided to go to Quebec and try to train with ice over there without Boreas and Khione knowing. Then I decided I would go through the sea. So, as I was hovering above the Statue of Liberty, I changed back to human form and, with the help of air, shot downwards into the sea. I propelled myself with the help of water and went through the Lower Bay, then taking a full 180 to the Block Island Sound where I rested for some time, thinking about how the campers betrayed someone they knew for 9 years to someone who they knew for 23 days. Even when they knew my Fatal Flaw was Personal Loyalty! I thought of asking my father something via the water currents and felt him enter my mind.



Me: Hey dad, you there?

Dad: Yes son, what happened? Something important?

Me: Yes dad, I wanted to ask how I can vapor travel. Can you please tell me?

Dad: Sure son, you just have to concentrate on the moisture around you and will your body to do the same. Then, you can simply imagine the place you want to go to, and you will reach there as your presence will go through the vapors. Then to turn back just will your body. But let me warn you, it is extremely tiring for the first few times.

Me: OK dad, thanks a lot.

With that, the connection was closed. I propelled myself and shot out of the water. I tried controlling winds (courtesy of Zeus) and started floating on top of the water. I tried Vapour traveling a few miles in front of me. For the first few times, I could not. Sweat trickled down my face as I tried to vapor travel, concentrating despite my ADHD. Suddenly, I felt like my body molecules were going through a tight tube and reforming somewhere else. Exhaustion washed over me as I opened my eyes to find that I indeed had vapor traveled. My loss of energy made me lose control of the winds and I fell straight into the water. Just as my body touched the water, I felt rejuvenated and fresh. I continued my journey to Quebec. I tried reaching Zeus and when my uncle allowed me to enter his mind, I asked him if he could mask my aura while I am in Quebec. 

He agreed and told me that my aura would be a bit stronger than a mortal but less than a normal demigod. After expressing my gratitude to him, I again propelled myself in the air but this time, tried to turn into Hazel’s horse, Arion. My body started aching a bit, which made me wince in pain and close my eyes. The tugging sensation increased and almost felt unbearable. I realized that it was because I was trying to turn to a rare species.  When the pain stopped, I opened my eyes and looked in the reflection of water, finding out I looked like Arion. I galloped forward, increasing my speed, till I was the speed of sound. After approximately 4 minutes, I was standing at a beach in Quebec, almost frozen. I turned back to a human and touched the water.  I felt rejuvenated but was freezing.  Then, after ten minutes of trying, I finally managed to use Aphrodite’s blessing s to change my clothes into a black hoodie with a warmer inside and blue jeans.

Instead of turning into a Pegasus myself, I called Blackjack.



Katie POV:

I was depressed that I blamed Percy for teaming up with the enemies, even when I knew he would not. I wandered in the Pegasus stable and came across Percy’s Pegasus, Blackjack. I conjured hay from my mother’s powers and he bent down and started eating.  I sat down next to him. My thoughts wandered to Jake. How his fatal flaw, which happened to be a hunger for power, was obnoxious to the other campers.

We called him a fiend and hooligan, driving him out of the camp into exile ludicrously, just as the gods broke the news of Percy being innocent to us. Suddenly, his head jerked up and he started running. I understood that he was going to Percy and pounced on him and held his rein.

He suddenly stopped and spun around repeatedly until I felt dizzy and fell off Blackjack, barfing. He flapped his wings victoriously and flew off. After I wasn’t feeling dizzy, I looked around trying to find him but he was just a black dot at the horizon. I took the compass that was made by the Hephaestus Cabin and checked his direction. “Perseus Achilles Theseus Jackson, I am going to find you, I swear on the River Styx”, I said before heading out to the big house, in search of Chiron, to tell him the new lead of Percy’s whereabouts. Percy is somewhere North.

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