The Life of a Legend- A Percy Jackson Fanfiction- Chapter 6

Poster for the story

Percy POV:

Once Blackjack came, he started talking to me:

Blackjack: Hey boss, you here? Everyone is looking for you.

Me: Hey Blackjack, yes. Do not tell anyone I am here. I am here for important business. Anyways, can you please take me for a stroll above this city and the forest?

Blackjack: Ok boss, but do you have a doughnut?

Me: I will give it to you after the stroll.

Blackjack: Ok boss, come on.



I mounted Blackjack and found a perfect spot for building a hut in the middle of the forest and asked Blackjack to land over there. I cut down 30 trees and went back to Blackjack. After 5 minutes of concentrating, which was tough because of my ADHD, I was finally able to summon a doughnut from Hestia’s blessing. I gave it to Blackjack and he happily ate it. I asked him to go back to the camp and he grudgingly agreed. I decided that I had to paint the whole house white on the exterior just to blend into my surroundings. I tried to think about how I possibly could paint. I decided to make some things hidden so only I can find them in the house. Looking around, I found the perfect spot for my house and a spot next to it for sawing the wood. I started going to the spot where I would saw the wood from my sword but tripped on something on my way there. I got up and dusted myself before looking down to see many metals and glasses under me. Then a note popped out of nowhere and it said:

A gift from me, Percy Jackson. The metals are celestial bronze, stygian platinum and iron, and imperial gold. There is a metal and wood saw in the bag and I have also given you glass for the window plus some paints. I would prefer if you made a secret armory where you make weapons that you can use when not using the enchanted ones and you can also keep the enchanted weapons in a special pocket in the bag. From that pocket, it will not come to you until you are 30 meters away from it or if the zip is open. All the best Perseus Achilles Theseus Jackson. I hope to see you soon.



I thanked him and started building, hoping that Hephaestus’ blessing would allow me to make a good house.

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