The Life of a Legend – A Percy Jackson Fanfiction – Chapter 10

Poster for the story

Percy POV:

Time skip: 1 month

It took me one month to build my hut. In it, there are two bedrooms, a stable (for Blackjack), an armory with all kinds of weapons including bows with many quivers containing arrows of different metals, balanced swords (Stygian Platinum and Imperial gold), dual battle-axes, and many more. I also built a tunnel which was connected to the sea. In the sea, I made a big training area only for trying blessings. I made it in the sea so I can be energized if I get tired by trying something. I had 2 bathrooms and a fountain for Iris messages, from which I would constantly message and receive messages from the Olympians. I also made a training ground in my hut so that I can improve with my weapons over there.

Right now, I was practicing and trying to find more moves (which I did not know from Ares’ blessings) from the hunting knife given to me by Artemis. After 20 minutes of trying out different moves, I sat down and started looking at the hunting knife. After staring at it for some time, I found a small button at the hilt of it. I was surprised, then I remembered Artemis saying that there was something special about the hunting knife. I pressed the button excitedly and there was a bright silver light that made me close my eyes.



When I opened my eyes, I found that it had turned into a bow! It was silver with black lines on it. Very beautiful indeed. I tried the same with Apollo’s dagger and there was a gold flash. Apollo’s bow was Golden in color with blue streaks. I pulled back the string of the bow and all the information on how to use the weapon in its hunting knife form as well as its bow form came into my mind. I realized that this bow had been blessed by both the twins of Leto so that air does not deviate it. I pulled the string a bit more and thought ‘Stygian Iron’, and suddenly, there was a Stygian Iron arrow knocked on the bow, ready to be shot. I squealed and jumped, then took a deep breath and tried to shoot towards a dummy, hoping that Apollo’s and Artemis’ blessings would work.

Just as I was about to leave it, I closed one of my eyes, aimed it towards the dummy’s stomach once again, and shot. It pierced the stomach of the dummy. A perfect shot.

When I did the same thing with Fotovolída, I realized that the arrows in it could also change the metals but more importantly they are all plague arrows as Apollo is also the God of Plague.



Time skip: 2 Months.

I had just finished training with a bident when I heard an indistinguishable sound. I went outside and saw a black-colored monster, the size of a Canadian. I quickly took out Katalixi from my pocket and removed my cap to form Moiraios. Moiraios was in my left hand whereas Katalixi was in my right hand. Making sure he did not see me, I went behind him, tossed my sword and held it like a dagger, and plunged my sword in his calf.

He cried in pain but did not disintegrate. I took the sword out of his leg and he unsheathed his sword out of nowhere. He slashed at me and I ran for dear life. I sheathed my ax and my sword and took out my trident, before throwing at him like a javelin. It pierced his legs and he was not able to pick it up like expected. He growled in anger as I had pinned him down and slashed his sword at me, which was blocked at the last second by my ax.  Our battle went on for what felt like hours, and we both were drenched in blood and sweat. I was not able to heal because the thick forest canvas was not letting sunlight in.

I knew I could not defeat him so I did something. Tyson had told me about the concentrated power of the ocean and I willed it to shoot out of my sword and hit the giant. Once it did, the giant disintegrated into nothingness. I slumped down and just sat on the ground for some time, trying to stop panting. Suddenly, a portal appeared in front of me and a man with all his clothes black with white powder came to me. I quickly stood up and came into my stance, with Moiraios in front and Katalixi behind.

The man raised his hand in a surrendering position and chuckled before saying, “Calm down Perseus Achilles Theseus Jackson”.

“Who are you, what do you want and how do you know my name?” I asked him rudely.

“The Egyptians call me the Good Ma’at, the Indians call me Om, but for you, I am Chaos, the Creator of the universe, the primordial deity of existence, creation and good, and the strongest person in the universe”



I immediately bowed to him and he told me to stand. I realized the powder in his shirt was stars.

I was going to ask him why he was floating but it seemed like he already knew that I was going to ask that because he answered straight away. “Jealous and power-hungry Gaia will absorb all my power if I step on this planet.”

 “That thing you defeated right there, is a gigantiaío katholikó téras, which as you would have understood, means, Giant Universal Monster. There are only two of their kind in the whole universe, one made to defeat me, and the other to defeat my brother Order. They were made by my evil brother End. You have allowed me to visit you by defeating this monster. Tell me, what do you want for this favor?” Explained and asked the creator of the universe.

“My lord, I wish for nothing. It was a good challenge for me to defeat gigantiaío katholikó téras and I am happy that I was able to help you come to this planet. Thank you so much.”

“Perseus Achilles Theseus Jackson, you are too modest. That is the reason that my son and grandson also want to meet you to give you their blessings. I, Chaos, hereby, give you, Perseus Achilles Theseus Jackson, my blessing. With this, you would be able to create portals, create planets to practice, summon anything, Void travel to around 1 light year and my planet. You will also be able to control gravity and make monsters who will be loyal to you. You can also summon them. You will be able to breathe in all kinds of the environment including Space and Tartarus, and you will have indestructible wings. You will have increased stamina and know when trouble finds you. Finally, you will be able to contact and mess with the other pantheons without getting cursed.” He said as a black beam was shot from his hand towards me. I was shocked but I quickly closed my eyes and braced myself for unbearable pain, but it never came.

I opened my eyes to ask Chaos why he gave me his blessings and ask him but he was already gone.  I decided that now it was time for practicing with powers and that dad’s would be first then Chaos’ would be the second. I will create a planet after I learn Chaos’ powers so I can go practice there without destroying anything over here.

Dad’s would be first because I am thinking that I would not put water on that planet and try different methods to heal and feel rejuvenated. So, I started practicing and trying to control ice.

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