The Life of a Legend – A Percy Jackson Fanfiction – Chapter 8

Poster for the story

 Time skip: 1 month

I had learned how to make an earthquake and learned how to freeze water to make ice, make I ice so hard that it would not break, I learned how to draw water from water vapor, I can vapor skateboard in the air with the help of water vapor, I can mist-travel to 15 times before I faint from exhaustion with the help of my dad’s blessings. I can summon anything, create portals and go through them without vomiting (yes, I vomited the first time), I have tried Void traveling to Olympus and have reached China the first few times (High-five Nico), I have even tried to create a planet but failed from the creator’s blessings.

Chaos contacts me regularly and instructs me on how to use my power. Today, I would try to make a planet, and then Void travel there. I have decided what to name it so my grudges with a particular god disappear. I closed my eyes and concentrated on making a planet. Thin air, 30 percent smaller than Earth, 72.34 percent of earth’s gravity, and clouds that can summon lightning were all I needed. I felt heat generate in my body and much of my energy leaving me and helping me form what I want. After ten minutes of it, I collapsed on the ground, panting from concentration and sweating profusely.



After ten minutes, I just put my hand in the water and was fit to travel to the planet. I Void traveled over there and was shocked to see that it was formed properly. I then officially named the planet (reluctantly) Mars. Just as I did that, there was a golden flash, and Ares in his Roman counterpart, was standing there, his expression a mix of pride, smugness, and joy.

I did not even bow to him but Mars just ignored that and addressed me in a high-base voice, “Perseus Achilles Theseus Jackson, you have done well to name this planet on me. This may have removed some of the grudges between us, thereby, I offer you this gauntlet. It changes into a full-body, light, and almost impenetrable armor. This has a set of twenty throwing knives that will go in the direction you have thrown them irrespective of how strong the wind is. The top pocket has squares of ambrosia and nectar which will refill on its own. Also, all your magic weapons can be stored inside it and the armor will turn back to a gauntlet if you think of it. This armor has a bident hidden in it. You can summon the bident if you are wearing the armor. The throwing knives will return to your armor pocket just like your throwing knives. The armor is named Adia which is short for Adiapérastos, which you know means impenetrable. The bident is named Gia, which is short for Apergía which means strike.”

I was staring at the god, wide-eyed because of shock and astonishment. I never thought Mars would give me something but I guess the Roman side is different. I hesitantly and reluctantly bowed to the god and accepted the gift. Then, the soil wrapped around Mars and the god disappeared with a flash, leaving blood at the spot. I sighed and smiled thinking, “Like father, like son.”

Then the shadows began to form a man until one huge person was standing next to me.

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