The Life of a Legend – A Percy Jackson Fanfiction – Chapter 9

Poster for the story

 Percy POV:

I immediately went into a stance with my ax in my left hand and my sword in my right. I was about to charge at this figure when it spoke.

“Easy Perseus, my dad Chaos must have told you about me. I am Erb rus, the primordial of darkness, shadow, and shade and I am here to give you my blessings.”

I bowed to him after he introduced himself and before I could do anything, the pain went through my whole body and I knew that he had blessed me. I tried to protest but no voice came out. The last this I saw was that Erbrus had disappeared and after that, there was a bright white flash. Proceeding the flash, my eyes unwantedly closed as I drifted into the Realm of Morpheus.



One Day later:

I hate dreams. Throughout my sleep, I saw my whole life from my point of view. When the betrayal happened, it was simply too much to bear. I tried to wake myself up by it was like some external force had stopped me from opening my eyes. Just as my eyes opened, I found myself in a golden room which was shining so bright because of a deity next to me. The deity’s skin was just glowing. He seemed to be sad and he was not paying attention to me. I cleared my throat and he instantly looked up; his eyes were glowing white. Then suddenly, a man wearing golden robes also appeared.

“Hello Perseus. Hope you are feeling good. I am Aether, the primordial of light and brightness.”, the one with white eyes said. I tried to bow to him but before I could, he stopped me. “My father Erbrus had blessed you and then, because you have two dark people’s blessings, Hades and my father’s, your dark side started fighting against your bright side. Only Apollo’s blessings kept you from fading completely. I did not know who you were, but I had to bless you to save you. After I blessed, a balance was maintained and you were good again. After you were saved, I decided to know who you were, so I came to Chronos, the primordial of time, who is standing here. I could not flash you in because only primordials and people who have his blessing can enter his kingdom. So, he blessed you and we brought you here. Chronos then showed me your memories and I must agree, you have faced a lot child. Now you have our blessings. With my dad’s blessings, you get another pair of wings, you can manipulate shadows, can hide in shadows, and change into his sacred animal, crow. With my blessings, you can light travel, see with your eyes closed, can control light, and increase it. You will also not be ADHD as you would be as focused as a laser, along with another pair of wings. I have one more thing for you but I will tell you that thing after Chronos explains his blessings.”

Me and Chronos both were quiet the whole time. Then, for the first time, Chronos spoke to me in a very low-pitched but loud voice. That voice sent a shiver down my spine and every molecule in my body seemed to shout at me to run. I, with much difficulty, suppressed the temptation of running.

“With my powers, you would be able to pause time for people and gods put the time would run normally for the people who you do not want to freeze. You can also speed up time for 2 minutes but that would require a lot of energy. I also give you the Scythe of my nephew and my first blessed, Kronos the Titan. It is, as you know, called blackbiter and can turn into any weapon though the metal in it remains the same. It can be summoned.”



I was surprised but accepted the gift. Then Aether gave me a USB with a cap. I raised his eyebrow in a questioning look and Aether explained to me, “This is a Double-sided sword named Lampsi, which as you know means brightness. It will, like most of your weapons, come back to you in your jacket pocket. It is made purely of light which makes it so light. Just take out the cap and it will be in your hand.”

I was astonished but thanked him. “Thank you, but now I must leave this planet because I have to train.”

“Percy Jackson, you will train with me and Aether for the next 800 years”, Chronos ordered me. “Sorry Lord, but the time given to me was 1 year, so I cannot train for so many years”, I replied. “I understand Percy but let me tell you, here, one day is 24 hours and one year in 365.25 days, still, because of my time slow, a hundred years on this planet would be just 1 month. You have 8 months so you can train here for 800 years. Now let me ask you again, will you train here for 800 years?”

Chronos’ tone was more threatening and ordering than questioning, so I reluctantly agreed.

“My armory, I always brought it with me. Can you please summon it here?”

“Yes, sure Percy”, Aether replied.



Time skip: 600 years on Planet Chronos, 61 days to finish one year on earth.

I trained every day with them. My schedule was like 6 hours training with weapons, 6 hours training with powers, 8 hours sleeping, and 4 hours free time which included eating time and relaxing time. I have trained and mastered all the blessings I have been blessed with. Now, I can defeat Atlas one on one. I have even trained with Hestia’s staff Evelpi and have even tried to defeat some monsters which I have done by using both Empodio and Evelpi as a deadly combination. I used to have Sundays free but I made a planet where I would go on Sunday to make monsters and train the ones I have already made. I had made more than 70000 monsters out of which 20 were peaceful.

Only I and Aether knew that I had created another sword just like Katalixi (except it did not have the concentrated power of the ocean) and used all my power of Hecate’s blessings to turn it into a bracelet. It can turn back to the weapon from just a touch and can turn back to a bracelet by tapping on the hilt of the sword two times. I named it Chtypima Dynamis which means Power Blow. I barely used it and only used Katalixi to fight as I wanted it to be a secret.



I still did not find out the two abilities given to me by dad. Whenever I tried to ask Aether, he would tell me it is mine to find. How much ever I tried to do anything related to water, I would end up doing the things I already know. I was frustrated but never lost hope, courtesy of Hestia.

I had forged many more weapons like a mace and I had made many other swords for fighting particular monsters. Tyson’s sword was always there with me by I wanted to dual wield, so I created them. I still could not summon them and I was not able to enchant them to be a type of thing I can put in my pocket or somewhere else from Hecate’s blessings except Chtypima Dynamis.

I was sitting in my room when I got a message to come to Chronos’ throne room. I went there to find Aether and Chronos both there and Aether said, “Percy, there are only 61 earth days left in your departure but I want you to leave now because I have your first and last mission to test your skills. I want you to fight Ladon the dragon and win. For that, you would have to ask him for the apples of immortality. You can vapor travel or use some other travel to the current Mount Othyrs. You should not come back as Chaos has told us that you will train for thirty days with the Egyptians Carter Kane and Sadie Kane as they have some secrets they would like to share with you. I am sorry my friend.”

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