The Life of a Legend – A Percy Jackson Fanfiction – Chapter 11

Poster for the story

Percy POV:

Chaos entered my mind and gave me an address to go to. Brooklyn was where they lived. I vapor traveled there and used my mist senses to find the House heavily guarded by mist. I put my hood on my face and went near the door before knocking on the door.

Suddenly an alarm started ringing and within two seconds, my old friend Carter was there with Sadie, weapons drawn out.

“Who are you and why are you here?” questioned a very serious Carter.

“Come on Carter, do not tell me that you forgot me after so many adventures we did together.”

Carter pressed his sword against my throat before hissing, “I asked who are you and why are you here?”

I raised my hands in a surrendering position and allowed my hood to fall. For a moment it was silent, so silent than I thought Harpocrates was standing next to me. Sadie and Carter both sighed, withdrew their weapons, and hugged me one by one.

“So, where is Annabeth?” asked a desperate Sadie. My mood immediately dropped and I explained to them what had happened. They became sad but Sadie said something that made me curious, “We both were expecting you.”

I questioned this and demanded the reason and Sadie explained it to me. “So, let me get this straight”, I said, “You turned into a chicken-woman in your dreams and then the person called Good Ma’at, which is Chaos, told you some important information and told you that I would have to follow the path of Amon before the merge of Ra and after I have read a book about him and swore that I will follow his path, you will tell some important information to me about the next war and you want me to start with my magician abilities by tomorrow. Also, even if you tell me the important information, I will have to train until I am good at magic.”



It was confirmed by a firm nod and Carter gave me a tour of the Brooklyn House. That night I went to sleep on their dreamless pillow and was happy to find that I did not have any dreams.

The next day after breakfast, I was introduced to everyone in the Brooklyn house and was surprised to find how many people were following the path of gods. The first step to me becoming a magician had to involve drinking “pure” water from the foot of the statue of Thoth and I was surprised to find that I could not control the water but I guess that is because it was pure, unlike saline seawater.

Then I was led to a library and was handed a thin old dusty book and told to read it. I thanked Athena that I did not have dyslexia and sat down to read the book.

The book was only 60 pages so I finished it in about 1 hour. It explained all about Amon and how he got his power from Thebes. He was the god of winds and invisibility. His name means “the hidden one”. It also said that there was a prophecy that stated only the one from a different pantheon would be able to follow the path of Amon and that nobody was able to do that. It also told about his powers.

It told that he could be invisible and see everything that was invisible. He could also make some parts of his body invisible and could make someone invisible. It said that by air, he could also control the matter of a human’s body as each cell of the human body had some air in it. By controlling matter, he could make a person just go via objects. Also, because the human cells had some air, he could will it to move the body the way he wanted.



I found his power cool. The thing I liked the most about him was his royal sword. It was a single-edged sword and it was curved a bit. Just above the hilt and in the middle of the blade was his symbol. The hilt was gold in color and was made by a metal not known to anyone except Amon. The top of it was blue and the color changed into black as it came down. The grip of the sword could be increased to use with both hands and decreased to fit with one hand. It said that nobody except Amon and his host could pick the sword. The weapon was so deadly that it could kill a god if used with its full power.

But to get it to full power, you would need a gem that was thrown away by Amon into the world of the Faded. Nobody could go in this Realm. By pressing the symbol, it could be changed into a Khopesh.

It could channel the powers of Amon and therefore control air and be invisible. Unfortunately, it could not be summoned or changed into something. It could also not be sheathed.

 It had to be stored in something called the Duat. When I asked Carter about this Duat, he said he would teach me later. The best thing about it was when I reached the end of it. It said that the one who follows the path of Amon shall get this sword unless he renounces it.

After I finished reading it, Sadie told me to swear on Thoth’s name that I would follow Amon’s path and host him until I wish to renounce him. I did it without hesitation and Sadie and Carter accompanied me to my room.

“It is time for you to know that information”, Sadie stated and added, “The first war you were in was against Kronos, right?”

I just nodded in response and she continued, “You told me that he forcefully possessed your demigod friend’s body?”

I again nodded, not getting to any conclusion even with my Athenian brain.

“Kronos was very clever. He knew if he possessed the body in some other way, he would not get full control over the body. So used the Egyptian method of hosting to get a host himself and then took over your friend’s body. He did that by writing his name in history as a follower god of Seth.”

“And according to the good Ma’at, the proto-primordial you will fight in the war coming in a century would be Apoapsis and I am told to not tell you what his Greek counterpart is until the end of your session.

This is the reason that you will need to be the host of an Egyptian god, as to fight a person with an Egyptian God to host, you will need a very powerful Egyptian god at your side. I was told to inform you that that Apoapsis was not always bad, he was corrupted by the Evil Ma’at.”



I stared at her, wide-eyed with shock. Questions rang inside my mind. Questions that only time can answer and no, I do not mean Chronos.

Another war? Another Great Prophecy? A century? I am a part of it? Again? Kronos hosted Luke? Who is Apoapsis’ counterpart? Would I face the Evil Ma’at after this? Why me again?

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