The Life of a Legend – A Percy Jackson Fanfiction – Chapter 12

Poster for the story

Later that day I learned how to create a bag with the enchantment of never-ending storage. I even created it but fell after that from exhaustion. I even tried summoning Amon but failed miserably. Now Carter would be checking my close combat skills by sending his five best trainees and him himself at me at the same time.

So, I went to their training room and saw that each of them was already there. As I entered the room, all eyes were on me. Everyone surrounded the arena leaving only 6 people, one of them being Carter. Carter took his Khopesh out of nowhere and the others also took out their weapons. I scanned to see that one person had Bronze-Tipped Spear and Shield, the third one had a bow and arrow with daggers at each side of his waist, while the other had a Battle Axe, and the rest had only Khopesh.

None of them were wearing armor, so I removed my gauntlet and put it in my jacket pocket. I removed Katalixi from my pocket and removed Whiplash, which was a sword that can turn into a whip with just a button. I still wore the two rings, my necklace, my watch, and my cap if it would be required.



The people, who were smirking to see my pen, were now serious after seeing Whiplash. I walked to the center of the arena and the six people made a circle around me. I joked to lighten up the mood, “Well, I am using my pen because a pen is mightier than a sword.” None of them were amused. They started spinning around until the person with a Khopesh moved forward. He lunged at me and I blocked it with Whiplash, before uncapping Katalixi and striking at him with it.

He dodged it at the last second as he was busy gawking at it. I stabbed at his chest and he blocked it with his Khopesh before raising his arm to strike at me. I saw it as an opening and cut his chest, before hitting him on his head with the flat of my blade, knocking him out successfully.

I turned to see another person lunging at me. I rolled down and turned Whiplash into a whip, before throwing it towards the person’s stomach. It rolled around his stomach and I pulled on the whip. He spun around once before crying out in pain and falling. I heard the sound of a bowstring releasing and jumped out of the way, before throwing Katalixi towards a person with the spear. He put down his spear and burnt his hand in an attempt to pick up Katalixi. He surrendered. Meanwhile, I changed my watch into Empodio, and all the arrows released clanged against it. I tried to grab the bow with my whip and successfully did after two tries. I pulled the bow and threw it out of the arena.

He growled and took out his dual daggers, before charging at me. From the corner of my eyes, I could also see Carter lounging at me. At the last moment, when both of them were close to me, I thought, “Limousine”. My body re-aligned itself with the help of my dad and formed a Limousine. It pushed both the attackers back and they fell on the rest of the people. I changed back to myself and started going towards them. By this time, Carter was already up and had his wand in his hand. He said, “Hadi” while pointing the wand at Whiplash. I understood that it was the destroying spell as he had used it before and I also saw that a heliograph was coming towards me. I mist-traveled behind Carter and the spell hit the ground making a big crater.

I threw away Empodio and held Carter’s should with my hand, while Whiplash was pointing at Carter’s Adam’s Apple. “Do you yield?”, I asked, not even panting because I had done a lot of practice. Suddenly Carter did a split and moved his legs back to hold my legs and tried to twist my leg. I turned into an eagle and escaped before morphing back to a human. He got up and charged at me. I felt Katalixi return to me and uncapped it before swinging it towards Carter in a deadly arc. It would have cut him in half if he had not parried it at the last second.

As his Khopesh locked my Katalixi, he tried to stab my belly. I stopped it with Whiplash, before joining both my swords to form an X and pushed Carter behind. He fell on the ground with a loud thud and his swords clattered away from his reach. He immediately yielded and left the arena. Everyone was looking at me shocked as I had beaten the best swordsman of their house. Now there were only three people left. The one with the hunting knives slowly started moving towards me. I capped Katalixi and put Whiplash in its sheath, before removing my two rings and forming my hunting knives.

I had understood that the best way to fight a person is to use the same weapons as him until and unless you are not skilled as him. Anyways, he moved forward and slashed at me. I parried and decided not to attack, just to see how good he is. Turns out, he was pretty good. He used a method of attack I did not know but understood that it was the Egyptian method of attack. I found one opening in his stance and stabbed there. He realized what I was doing and blocked it with the hilt. I pulled my dagger back disarming him. I then stabbed him on his thighs and he yielded as blood oozed from his wound.

As quickly as possible, I defeated the two people left. Only Sadie applauded as I won as the rest were sad that I had defeated the best warriors of their house. I was drenched in sweat but I realized that none of them had been able to land a blow on me. This thought cheered me up and I quickly went for a bath after a quick talk with Sadie, asking her what to do next, to which she replied by telling me that I am free for that day and further training would start tomorrow.



Time skip to 28 days:

Today was my last day at the House. I had to study the Egyptian way of fighting and have used all Roman, Greek, and Egyptian ways of fighting. I even host Amon. He is very wise and only interrupts me when needed. I even got the sword of his, which I can summon whenever I want. I hugged Sadie, Carter, and Ross and Juliet, who had become my best friends. I was very sad that I would have to leave them but after my adieu, I left the Brooklyn house.

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