The Life of a Legend – A Percy Jackson Fanfiction – Chapter 13

Poster for the story

3rd person POV:

Percy flashed to the magnificent throne room of Olympus to find it empty. Not even Hestia was on her throne or near the Hearth. The confusion on Percy’s face was clear. There is always at least one god sitting on his/her throne. Why then not today? Percy unleashed his indestructible black wings that were like copies of the universe. Then, from under those wings sprung another pair of wings. These were all black, and they seemed to suck light into them. Then the last pair of wings sprung out.

These were white and were so bright that they could easily blind Apollo. Now Percy had six wings, three on each side. Percy shot into the air, flying at full speed. He looked down at Western Civilization but could not find the Gods. Then, he went to Camp Olympus to find that the gods were fighting alongside the kids. On the other side were at least 20000 monsters. Behind them all were three titans, Pallas, the titan of Warcraft and battle, Perses, the Titan of Destruction, and Hyperion, the Titan of light and sun.

Percy became angry and released 20 percent of his aura. His aura was that of Zeus. That made everyone stop and look up in his direction. It surprised everyone to see a person with six wings! Percy increased his speed and flew downwards, banging straight into the ground, forming a crater, and sending a shock-wave through the whole camp. Water formed around his legs and fire around his hands. Amon told him not to summon Amon’s sword and fight this without the help of him. He did not want others except Ares to know his identity yet. Why Ares but? That is because when he uncapped his USB, his gauntlet disappeared and formed an armor. He knew that Ares would know who he is, but he knew that he would have to tell everyone after the fight. He weaved through the army of monsters killing anyone who came at him. He threw knives at them, killing them effectively. All the campers and Gods were staring at him in shock, not even moving.



They did not believe that someone could be so skilled. He never seemed to run out of throwing knives. Athena and Ares were staring at his double-sided sword, shocked at how much energy it wielded. He killed every monster, not even using his powers. After around what felt like two seconds to the gods, and 10 hours for Percy, all the monsters except the three titans were dead. Percy got some bad slashes from the Cyclopes but his blood brought the Cyclopes to Tartarus. He blocked some strikes from the wings, using their indestructibility as his shield. Percy saw that Lampsi never turned red and understood that this meant he did not get any power from the monsters he killed. The titans looked at him with fear. Percy smirked and said, “Well, hope you would like to see this.”

He summoned the Scythe of Kronos and threw away his double-sided sword, knowing that it would come back to him. The jaws of all the titans as well as the gods fell on the ground. Before Perses could recover from his shock, Percy had him bleeding severely. His cuts, which were already healing from the light of the sun, healed completely when the Titan’s blood touched his skin. With one final blow, Perses was sent to-not Tartarus -but the Realm of the faded. He was sent there because the Scythe had this ability. The Scythe started to turn red and the glow disappeared after a few seconds.

Percy then started glowing. Hyperon came from behind as Percy was busy trying to understand the powers he got and Hyperon got his ax through Percy. The ax hit Percy’s skin like it was metal, but before Percy could move and attack Hyperon, Hyperon used his Titan power, and the ax went through Percy. The whole battleground became silent. No one dared to open their mouth. Nobody realized the dust that was formed when Percy was killed. No one realized that the dust had moved.  This awkward silence was cut when Hyperon started laughing.



Meanwhile, Percy had reformed in the Hearth. Percy light traveled and his body, like always, was transformed into hundreds of photons. He traveled in the speed of light towards the top of Hyperon and reformed there. He saw Hyperon laughing and smirked and said, “You thought you can defeat me so easily?” Hyperon, now startled, stuttered, “Y-You, th-there how? Who are you?”

“Well Hyperon, don’t tell me you forgot me,” said Percy, his voice ringing in the entire field, “I am the one who helped in making you the beautiful tree, the one who made you get fired from your job as the doorman of the Doors of Death.”

The whole battlefield was quiet. No one said anything, but it did not take too long for Athena to gasp as realization hit her, which was followed by other gasps of astonishment from the Titans and the Gods. The demigods still had not realized that it was Percy. Percy smiled, and the battle between two titans and a blessed demigod began.

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