How You Can Make The Perfect Story- Guide1

Anybody can easily make a perfect story. It is not that tough and does not require a lot of work. Here, I have provided some ways you can manage your time, what all software/websites are needed and what all you can use to make your story popular. Here are the software I use to make my story good.

Phase #1 – The plot

Before you make your story, have a simple idea about what your main storyline should be. You also have to take care of the genre you want to keep the story in. You don’t want to change the genres. For example, you write a murder mystery where the person dies, but you end up making in horror by saying that his/her spirit is haunting the murderer. This will make the reader wary of your story. Another important thing should be originality and description. You want your story to be original, so the reader enjoys your point of view and idea. The description is very important. The reader should have a clear idea of what is happening around you and he should be able to form a visual in his mind. You should also keep track of the points by:

  • Using a website like Evernote or software like Tasks to organize your points.
  • Note down an idea whenever you get one.
  • Use story-writing software like Scrivener to organize your work.

Phase #2 – The writing

Once you have got the main idea, the next and the most important point is to write. As I mentioned before, you need to be descriptive. For being descriptive, you need to know many words. So, whenever you learn an unfamiliar word, you want to write it down and look through your list when you are writing. You need to maintain a chronological order in your story. Also, you can use software and websites like Grammarly and ProWritingAid to check your grammar. You can dedicate some amount of time every day to write. An important factor in this is the use of word processors. I suggest you use websites and software like:

  • Reedsy – Online
  • Wattpad – Online
  • LibreOffice – Software
  • Microsoft Word- Software
  • Noisili – Online
  • Google Docs – Online
  • Scrivener – Software

Phase #3 – The Organization

You need to organize your work to help yourself and your readers. You need to know about the characters you make, their sketches, how they would do when put in a particular situation, the setting, what all things are there in the setting, what are your readers going to learn or enjoy. Yes, choosing the audience is a very important factor, because you have to write how your audience likes to gain popularity. An excellent website to organize your work would be Reedsy and a good software would be Scrivener. Reedsy allows you to make the story and manage its parts. It has a great word processor that you can use. You can edit it chapter-wise and set your goals. Scrivener allows you to write notes about your characters, settings, plots and divides your chapters into scenes.

Phase #4 – The Designing and Formatting

If you want to publish your story, you need the help of a publisher to format and design in for you. If you are posting it online, you can do all that on your own! Scrivener has an option “Convert To PDF” which helps a lot in designing. You can create a cover page and put it in the front of the book. Then you can go for the Table Of Contents. Make sure that the table of contents contains links for easy navigation and page numbers too. You can also add endnotes, epilogues, preface, etc. Also, most books contain a header and footer in every page. Don’t forget to capitalize, make it bold, italicize, underline when it is needed. You also need to put page numbers on every page. The same thing can be done with the help of Reedsy.

Phase #5 – The Rechecking

You need to recheck everything. You can make others read your story and then give constructive criticism. Then you yourself read the entire story again and fix the typos, grammatical mistakes and tense errors. You can again use Grammarly and ProWritingAid to fix your errors. Also give a proper name to your story which will attract the attention of your audience. Check the structure of the story again, check if you have missed some points, check if it is in chronological order, check if sense can be made of your story. And when all that is done, you publish it.

I am sorry that I cannot help you with the publishment of the book because even I have never done it before but you can contact a publisher through Reedsy or search their phone number.

This is Guide #1

Thank you,
Thoughts Of Kairav

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