The Life of a Legend – A Percy Jackson Fanfiction – Chapter 14

Poster for the story

3rd person POV

Percy moved forward and instead of dodging the rays of the sun Helios shot at him, he absorbed them. Helios was startled at how the demigod did not die but Percy used the surprise as a weapon and tried to behead the Sun Titan. At the last moment, Helios stopped the Scythe with his ax. Percy smirked as Helios fell into his trap. He channeled his time powers through his Scythe -which was easier due to the original owner of the scythe- and made the Titan freeze.

Before he could fade the titan, Pallas stopped him with his spear. Pallas is one of the best warriors ever known to Greek Mythology. Pallas has also realized that he should not touch Percy’s blood.  Percy went for an uppercut but Pallas blocked it easily. Percy knew he could not win with this titan and tried to infuriate him so the titan makes rash decisions. He tried to find his memory for facts about this titan, simultaneously parring the strikes of Pallas. He realized that Nike was the daughter of Pallas and Kratos the god of strength was also his son.

“Your daughter would never be with you Pallas and nor will be your son”, he mocked the titan, successfully infuriating him.



Percy POV:

I could see he was trying to calm down, knowing I was mocking him.  So, I went a step further, mocking his abilities.

“Oh, come on, stop fighting so lackadaisical. I think you are fighting bad purposely because you know that Tyche, Hedone, and Nike are never with you and never will.”

He got so angry that I thought steam was coming off his ears. “You impertinent boy”, he growled, twirling his spear so he was holding it like a dagger and then raised his arm to stab me. Yes, I thought, finally finding an opening. Before he could stab me, I lunged and put blackbiter deep inside his underarm, earning a shriek in return.

Surprised, the titan dropped his spear, clutching his damaged underarm. Within the next minute, I had his body covered with his ichor, his head away from his body. The scythe again got red and I felt a lot wiser and better at battle.

I made a full 360-degree turn just to check for any enemy left. I saw that there was one person hidden behind a tree. The person was wearing a hoodie, therefore I could not see his/her face. Before I could advance on that person, the person moved forward and drew something on the soil, before teleporting.

I walked towards the tree cautiously and bent down, looking at what she has drawn. I gasped realizing it is the same thing as my dreams.



Flashback: 400 years on the planet of Chronos:

My dream that day was quite weird. There was something extremely wrong with it.

I knew I was being followed. I ran with full speed, trying to put the stalker in the dust. The sky was dark and it was raining. I was in a kind of abandoned nuclear-power site. Suddenly the sky darkened even more and a letter appeared out of nowhere.

It was black and had a symbol on it. I opened it to find a note addressed to me. It said:

Young hero, come to me. I am your true master. I hold the ultimate power. Come to me, and we will banish the people who have betrayed you. Come to me, and we would mix our powers. I await your arrival. ~O

I suddenly turned around, finding that the follower has found me. He lunges at me, but I am not even able to move my hands.

I woke up breathing heavily. I look around and find Aether illuminating my room. I tell him about my dream and ask him about the symbol.

He stares at me, wide-eyed, and for the first time in four hundred years, I see sweat trickling down his forehead as he flashes away.

End of flashback



I walked towards the gods and bowed to them. Suddenly, I felt Athena enter my mind, followed by the other Olympians too. Athena telepathically spoke first. Perseus, quickly decide a pseudonym for yourself.

A what? I asked, not knowing the meaning.

Athena replied: Fake name, you kelp head.

I resisted the urge to use his powers on Athena. I quickly thought of a name for Me. Filosgia, a mixture of two words: friend and foe, he quickly replied.

Athena announced, “Campers, I introduce you to Filosgia. He is our friend, you do not need to fear him. He would bring demigods to the camp.”

Someone from the Athena cabin spoke to Athena, “How do we trust him if we can’t see his face?” Just as he said it, I felt strings getting attached to my heart and mind. It was quite a weird feeling. Athena replied, “He would not –”

“-I will”, I cut her.



I quickly changed my appearance thanks to Aphrodite. I now had blonde hair, bright orange eyes, a changed face, my Adam’s apple sticking out. I removed my hood, earning a gasp from the whole Olympian council and an understanding nod from Athena.

Time skip: One Hour:

As I was looking around the camp, I went to my favorite spot, the beach. I was completely flabbergasted when I saw a statue of myself in the lake. Under it was a board having a statement. It said:


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