The Life of a Legend – A Percy Jackson Fanfiction – Chapter 15

Poster for the story

To say Percy was astonished would be an understatement. He did not know how the campers had come to believe that he was not a traitor, but a tear leaked from his eyes as he realized that they had accepted him. But he also knew that they could betray him again if someone like Jake came back.

He still felt the inexpressible sensation of someone pulling him with invisible strings. It felt so weird and Percy wished he could just stop the sensation. At that moment, there was a bright flash, signaling the arrival of a God. He looked and saw Athena next to him. Her gray eyes bore into his in a calculating way. She sighed and looked at my statue, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her eyes before smiling and saying, “You know Percy, what is that tugging sensation that you are feeling?” 



“How do you kno-”

“-Please Percy, asking the goddess of wisdom how does she know?. Let me tell you what you are feeling. The people of the camp think that you should be honored. They have started swearing on your name to honor you. They swear like this: ‘I, Athena, the goddess of wisdom, the daughter of Zeus and Metis, swear on Perseus Jackson, the greatest hero ever to live, that I am sitting next to him.’”

As soon as she said that, Percy could feel another string attach to him and dissolve as soon as it appeared. Percy was dumbfounded. He could not close his now open mouth as he gawked at Athena in complete astonishment and disbelief.  

Tears streamed down his eyes that albeit he would not stay at camp again, the campers had accepted him for whom he truly was. “Percy, you are required at Olympus. I don’t know what would happen after the meeting, but all the best. Come to Olympus when you are ready.” 

Weird was the only thought running through Percy’s mind. What did Athena mean by she doesn’t know what would happen after the meeting? Why did not she flash me with her?

Unfortunately, these questions could not be answered unless Percy went to the meeting. Sighing, he vapor-traveled there, only to hear Zeus’ gruff voice, “Percy Jackson, you will have to  unfortunately die”



In a flash, Hestia, Apollo, and Artemis were standing next to Percy protectively and there was a Trident, a Stygian iron sword and the Spear of Athena was pointing towards Zeus threateningly. Hera was smiling cruelly and not doing anything

“Father, think wisely… Make him swear”, Percy heard Athena say.

Percy POV:

I was baffled by this sudden outbreak and asked Hestia what had happened. The reply did not please me. Apparently, Zeus became paranoid and thought that I would try to dethrone him so he decided to kill me without the vote of the council.

I moved forward and hesitantly bowed to the King of the Gods, before saying, “I, Perseus Jackson, blessed by all Olympians, Son of Poseidon, The god of Seas and the Earth-shaker, swear on my partial immortality, my power and the River Styx to stay loyal to Olympus until and unless an Olympian betrays my trust.”

Zeus visibly relaxed before stating, “OK, I won’t do anything to Percy, relax everyone”

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