How you can submit your stories via Tumblr

You all must have noticed that recently, I added my completed Tumblr blog to my social dropdown.

Tumblr added to Social Dropdown

Now, I wish to tell you about the What to expect from my Tumblr, how you can submit stories on my Tumblr and the guidelines too.

What to expect my Tumblr:

Tumblr is a micro-blogging platform where bloggers can post anything.

Things you can upload.

I will be posting my blogs, stories and announcements. Announcements like going on a new social platform or changing something in my website. I will also send some quotes related to reading and writing… Please follow my Tumblr blog to stay updated.

Submissions on my Tumblr:

Tumblr is also a good platform for accepting other people’s responses. I am excepting your own stories from my Discord and Tumblr.

Side Navigation bar: My tumblr

The story you send should not contain any foul language and should not discriminate any particular region, religion, caste or race. It should also be suitable for all ages. Your submission should contain the tags #thoughtsofkairav and #Storyonthoughtsofkairav


Please include a title and do not forget that by submitting the article, you give me permission to post it on my tumblr, though I will not forget to mention your name, until and unless you specifically mention and the end of the story in bold letters that you do not wish your name to be revealed. That’s it for this guide. Thank you.

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