The Life of a Legend – A Percy Jackson Fanfiction – Chapter 16

Poster for the story

After 6 days

Pain. The only thing Percy felt. 5 days after his visit to Olympus, Hephaestus had come to him asking for a favor. His machine Talos, the original had gone haywire after a virus was inserted in its system. It was destroying everything in its path and Hephaestus wanted Percy to shut down the program. Unfortunately, Percy, being helpful, agreed. Now, he regretted it. He had been fighting well. He had gotten the huge machine to fall but could not get inside from his foot. Talos had gotten back up and tried to kill him.

Against Talos, none of his powers were working. Though he suspected Poseidon’s power would work, he could not use it because they were in the middle of the desert of Mexico. Talos had suddenly extended his arm, cutting Percy’s left arm despite of the fact that his skin was hard, because the force was so much. This is why Percy felt pain. He could only see red and cry out in pain as his knees buckled as he saw his arm a few feet in front of him.

I have only managed to insert Katalixi in Talos’ stomach, damaging a part of his CPU, which made him more hard to defeat.

Percy POV:

I could not see properly. I think I should just give up and reform in Hestia’s hearth. But I know that if I do that, my arm will not reform. I know that this cannot be undone and I would never get my arm back. I stand up with much difficulty, hoping that the sun would heal me a bit. But alas, I knew it could not heal me to such an extent. I cried in despair as I see Talos coming towards me. If I reform back, my shoulder will close and I won’t be able to do anything about it. Just as it came close on stamping me, two ideas suddenly popped in my mind. I turned into a Nemean Lion just as it came close to step on me. I was saved and his foot was dented. Now plan number 2. I could not believe I did not think about this before but I guess I am not used to it. I summoned the power of Amon and my Combat Avatar.



The height of Amon was almost three-forth the height of Talos. I raised my right arm, the arm not cut and stabbed it on the front. To my complete surprise, the sword of my Combat Avatar went straight in Talos. But unfortunately, Talos went haywire. I lost my burst of energy and my Combat Avatar fell and vanished. Amon spoke in my mind with his gruff voice, “If you try to summon me again you would actually die and not go to the Greek’s hearth because this is Egyptian Magic.”

As Talos kept on moving here and there, I formed a plan. I knew I could not teleport inside the machine because of experience but I also knew that once I am inside, I can teleport outside, courtesy of Hecate’s magic finding senses. As Talos lifted is foot, I used a huge elastic band, which I had found around the place, and put the band and to sticks which were already dug in the ground. The trash-yard of Gods had its own perk. I slowed down time with my Chronos powers before using the band as a slingshot and flew like a bullet. The air helped me as I controlled it and I tried to streamline my body. All this was very tough because I had only one arm but I managed to do it. Just as I reached half-way near his foot, I lost control of time and Talos’ foot came straight downwards with full force.



I closed my eyes and prepared for impact but it never came. When I opened my eyes, I was inside the control room of Talos! The bronze wall glistened in the bright tube-light attached to them. I was so happy that I finally managed to reach the place and I almost stumbled out of the room and Talos again lunged forward. That’s when the smell hit me. I almost teleported back outside! The room was stinking. I think Hephaestus was to blame for the stench. It smelled like cheese rotten for over 30 years. I went to the control panel, which was very difficult because Talos kept on moving.

There were so many buttons over there that I was grateful of Hephaestus’ blessings. I could not grip around and operate it due to the loss of my arm but I managed to press the red button next to the lever. Suddenly, Talos stopped moving and that plunged me forward and I hit the control panel, instantly blacking out. Delete Created with Sketch.

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