The Life of a Legend – A Percy Jackson Fanfiction – Chapter 17

Poster for the story

Percy POV:

I woke up groaning to the sounds of agitated shouting and arguments. My head was aching and there was an immense pain in my hand. I looked at my hand and realized why. My hand was not bleeding anymore but there was no arm there. Tears welled up in my eyes as I realized that I will newer get my left arm back to me. Then, trying to distract myself, I looked around. Then I realized what the indistinguishable shouting were about. It was Hephaestus and Dad arguing. I smirked, water against fire?

I went closer, curious to why they were fighting. I shadow traveled to an ideal position where I could here them.

“How dare you! I say this one more time, you making my son loose his hand is not acceptable! I will launch a full-fledged war on you!”

Puh-lease. Seriously? Fire against water? You want to evaporate the seas from my Greek fire? You want to loose all your power? Stop it”, said the ugly god.

“Water extinguishes the fire before it evaporates! The only reason I am not killing you off now Hera’s ugly little brat is because of the fact that my son is slee-… Percy? Where is Percy? Hephaestus, I swear on the River Sty-”

“-Relax Dad, I am here. Finally good to be acknowledged and please dad, don’t do anything as such. First of all, it was my decision to assist him and second, I was not being careful.”

Dad grunted disapprovingly and flashed out, leaving me alone with the god of the forges. He turned to me with grateful eyes and said, “Thank you for backing me up today and I have a surprise for you.”

Before I could reply to him, I saw in slow motion as he brought his hammer on my head and with his godly strength, it took me no time to faint.



Time skip to 2 hours:

Third person POV:

Percy woke up groaning and grunting for the second time that day. Recalling the events, he could not understand why Hephaestus had done that to him. He had a sudden feeling of betrayal and an immediately following urge to slap the God of the Forges.

He scratched his head before realization hit him! He was scratching his head! From a very cold hand. He brought his hand in front of his face and saw a metallic hand. He could not believe it. Hephaestus had made him a new hand! The metallic color of it was not visible but he knew it was metal. There was no doubt in it. But Hephaestus completely transmogrified his hand. There were buttons on each of his knuckle, which Percy found a bit weird. Before he could press them, someone said, “So, the bird has seen his wing huh?”, asked the ugly god, with a smirk on his face. He was leaning on a pillar, his hands full of grease. Percy ran over to him and hugged him, before suddenly breaking the hug and moving back, due to the extreme odor of Hephaestus.

Then Percy asked about his buttons. The god replied, “These buttons won’t do much help… The one on your index finger would give you a better grip on the weapon you are holding. The next button, which is placed on your middle finger gives you a bit more power. Never press the one on the ring finger. It is like a distress call and every god who is near you would come to your help if you press it. And the rest two of them are just for decoration. It would be better if you start practicing with your left hand too.”

Percy had a sudden Deja vu of a movie he had seen with his wise girl. It was called the Endgame and the villain in Endgame was wearing these sort of gems too. He had forgot the name but just remembered that it started with “T”. Anyways, he thanked Hephaestus and light-traveled to the jungle where he had made the shelter. The shelter, not for him, but the demigods to live in for 2 days and heal before he takes them to the camp. He suddenly felt dizzy and as if his power is being sucked out of him. The last thought of his before he faded away was, “Why is it always me!”

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