The New and Old Normal

Chattering students, playing in break, enjoying while eating, no masks. Oh, it was finally good to be back at school. Specially without masks.

After COVID-19 finished and we were back to normal, it did not take time for schools to start. As I packed my school bag, thinking about going to school tomorrow, I couldn’t help but be anxious and excited at the same time. I was going to go to school and also have a field trip to the Expo 2020 next week! I wanted to see the face of my friends without all the obstruction of face masks. We had already planned which all games we would play in the break time.

Somehow, I slept at night after thinking about it for sleepless hours. After waking up when the sky was still crepuscular, I did my normal chores of brushing, bathing and having breakfast, for the first time with so much excitement. I couldn’t believe I was excited to go to school, then after all, I had also been excited when distance learning started, so I guessed that each time something changes in school, all the students get excited. I was also excited to meet the teachers of senior secondary, the once I had never met face-to-face before. The excitement was quite evident on my face because when I boarded the bus, my bus-mate could guess how excited I was.

The rest of the day when as gracefully as the morning. I met old friends, made new ones, met all the teachers and enjoyed all the classes. We even held a post-corona party and enjoyed a lot. From dancing to singing, we did all the activities. There was less of studying and more of enjoyment, which was gleefully outstanding.

Sleeping that night was also tough. I was thinking about the next day and how the studies would begin. But alas, I thanked God that at least, it was onsite. At least, it was something I would never forget. At least it was the new and old normal.

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