What if Percy Jackson accepted the offer of becoming a god? -Percy Jackson – What if Part 4

Percy Jackson had declined godhood for being in Elysium with his friends and for Annabeth at the end of the Percy Jackson series. It is one of the main things that make us realize the selflessness of Percy and the love towards his friends. That would be the reason Annabeth started liking him even more…

If Percy would have become a god, Annabeth would have left him. What I think is that then Poseidon would be able to convince everyone in the Olympian Council to either make him an Olympian or make him stay in Atlantis, since none of his offspring are Olympians. I think Percy Jackson will become the god of:

  • Waves – Father’s domain
  • Tides – Father’s Domain
  • Swords – Specialty
  • Fighting – Specialty
  • Monsters – Has beaten almost all
  • Assassins – Gift
  • Storms – Speciality
  • Hunt – Loves camping.

There is no god who already has these exact domains, so I think this is what would happen.

Percy Jackson will be a disciplined god (first of his kind) and therefore attract the friendship of Athena, Artemis and Demeter. He would be worshiped as a god and would become the official Camp Director after the Wine God’s punishment finishes. I think he will still regret the decision and want to go to Elysium. His guilt will make him beg Hades to let him go to Elysium time to time to meet and apologize to Luke, Nico and other long lost friends. One more thing would be that there would be no Percy in the Heroes of Olympus story and what I think is that Nico would replace Leo and Leo will replace Percy.

Therefore, Leo and Annabeth will venture through Tartarus nd love each other and Nico will go to Calypso’s Island, meeting Calypso and deciding to rescue her. He would also be the one to sacrifice his life and come back alive. So the altered “Prophecy of the seven” will become:

Seven half-bloods shall answer the call,

To storm or death the world must fall.

An oath to keep with a final breath,

And foes bear arms to the Doors of Death.

(The new prophecy)

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