The Life of a Legend – A Percy Jackson Fanfiction – Chapter 18

Poster for the story

Percy woke up groaning. His gut hurt like he had been stabbed, which he hope he hadn’t. He look around to see darkness, and he had a sudden reminder of his time in Tartarus. He tried not to cry and focused on other things. Then, he decided to light travel out of there and to his surprise and shock, it did not work! He tried everything, from Shadow Travel to Void Travel, nothing worked! Then, will the bright flash, which almost blinded him (It should not have happened! At least with the power of Aether!), three figures appeared, and he could vaguely identify them as The Fates.

“Perseus Jackson—”, said the one on the left,

“—we have striped you—”, continued the one in the middle

“—Of your powers and will give you back at the right time”, said the one on the right.

“—Because we feel—”

“—that the powers are—”

“—Making you too lazy—”

“—and less prepared for the—”


“—In front of you.”

“—You only have the—”

“— of the Drakon’s blessings—”

“—and the enhanced powers of your father—”

“—and aren’t able to—”

“—vapor travel because—”

“—there is no moisture in the atmosphere in our layer.”

“—Do not tell—”

“—this to—”


“—until and unless—”

“—you are—”

“—forced to.”

“—The gods—”

“—On Olympus, including Artemis—”

“—are already—”




“You will—”

“—Also have—”

“—Partial immortality.”

“We will—”

“—see you—”

“—again soon.”

Percy had to agree that them speaking like this was a bit too creepy, but he was too drowned in the misery of thinking what would happened if he lost his powers. He was also at awe by viewing the synchronization of the 3 old hags but again, he was too sad to ponder upon it. The light Apollo had given him had “brightened” his mood forever and that is the reason he had not been infected with the PTSD of Tartarus or the deaths of the seven. Now just as he was teleported back, he started crying remembering how he wanted to show Annabeth how strong he had become just for here. He wanted to go to her and the rest of the seven and give them all a group hug! He wanted to cry on Annabeth’s shoulders for being so mean by gaining immortality to stay away from death.He wanted to see her again and he felt weak and miserable from the sudden power purge which had occurred. He did not know how he will become the guide of the lost demigods now that he would not be able to fight too! He had lost all hope. He sensed the feeling of his body breaking apart before he was consumed in the realms of Morpheus.

Author Note: Sorry guys who like Percy as powerful because this transition was necessary for further plot reveal! Also, there are two hidden Easter Eggs in this chapter that reveal what will happen in the next few chapters! The first to people to find and write it in the comments (of the wattpad post) would win! the results would be announced on my discord server:

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