The Life of a Legend – A Percy Jackson Fanfiction – Chapter 19

Poster for the story

Why? Why can’t everyone just leave him alone and let him do what he is supposed to? First the gods, then the Primordials, then the Fates, and the again the gods. “Is it a loop?”, Percy thought as he was woken up with the bright light of Apollo’s infirmary. Thankfully, he had no dreams, after all, the infirmary’s pillows had a specially designed magical cotton strand in it. It was designed by Apollo, Hecate and Demeter and was only for the infirmary’s use. Anyways, he got up and waited for Apollo to flash in. Percy had gotten the habit of looking at a god’s pure form thanks to Aether, so when Apollo flashed in, Percy didn’t look out till the very last second, temporally blinding him.

As he blinked his eyes and tried to adjust them back to normal, Apollo spoke, “Percy, the Gods would like to have a word with you.” Percy groaned and before he even had the chance to decline, he was teleported out of the room. Since he was still sitting when that happened, he was suddenly thrown down on his back. Percy made sure to add a note to team up with the kleptomaniac and trickster Hermes to have his revenge on Apollo.

He stood and bowed to all the Olympians, who were staring at him from on top of their huge thrones. “Perseus Jackson… Percy”, said Zeus and corrected himself after noticing Percy’s glare. “The Fates had informed us of your power removal and we are sorry. The Fates have seen something in Tartarus which has even shocked them and out of 14,000,605, we gods succeed in only one.” AN: Did anyone understand the reference? BTW, there will be no marvel in this story.

Percy flinched and frowned at the word Tartarus. Just saying that name spawned a different type of atmosphere in the brightly lit room. His hands twitched towards Riptide before he forcefully stopped himself. He know that he would again have to be the pawn of the gods and had nothing in his power. He felt like cutting his own thread after taking it from the Fates. They were all cruel beings and he felt like killing them, but his own fatal flaw stopped him. He bowed down as respectfully as he could (which was not a lot) and said, “What should be my duty, m’lord?”

“Your duty remains the same for now, return demigods to Camp Olympus and don’t do anything without informing us.”

“And how would I be able to complete my duties without my powers? I am nothing without them”. At this statement, Poseidon shrank to his normal human size and tried to inspire Percy.

“Percy, do not say such foul and meaningless things. You have done such great deeds with only a little bit of power! You are one of the only three demigods to have come out alive of Tar— That place… You are still the boy would had killed the Minotaur without any training and are my favorite son.”

Percy agreed a bit forcefully, daring himself not to say that it was because of his friends because then he would get another useless lecture on how he did ninety percent of the job himself. He picked up his bag, which had magically appeared next to him and the gods teleported him into the jungle. Just as he opened his eyes, he paled to see what was in front of him, before he ran in the other direction, trying to flee from the incoming threat of someone he had forgotten was still with him. Someone very angry.

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