Mythology Blogz- Greek: The Death of The Sky and His Curse

Remember me telling you about myths being weird? Well, here is one.

The primordial Gaia bore a son named Ouranos, the Sky, asexually. He became the King of the Universe the god of the sky. Then Gaia married him. This is not the weird part. I guess they could marry because I don’t think Primordials, or gods for instance, have any DNA. or at least I hope they don’t. Together, they produced many children, starting with the hundred-handed ones, the cyclopes and and Titans. Ouranos, or his Roman form Uranus, hated the hundred-handed ones and the cyclopes. The cyclopes were one eyed giants that were fire-resistant and incredibly strong. The were born to serve as forgers. The hundred-handed ones, as the name suggests, were multi-limbed creatures that had a hundred hands and fifty head each. In total they were six, three Hecatonchires (The hundred-handed ones) and three cyclopes. Ouranos hated them so much that he imprisoned them in the depth’s of Tartarus. Gaia, distraught with this act of his husband and son, sought help to kill him. She asked the Titans, her favorite offsprings (now that it wasn’t Ouranos), to help her kill the Lord of the Universe.

Every titan disagreed even though she tried to lure them by saying that they could have all his powers. Every titan except Kronos. Kronos, the power-seeking titan, was given a scythe to kill Ouranos, made by mother earth herself. No, not Demeter, she will come later. I know her name means “mother earth” but no. So, when Gaia was with Ouranos, Kronos unleashed his fury and killed the Sky, but in the worst way possible. He removed his genitals from his body. Castration. He threw them across the planet and the blood that fell gave birth to many.

Now I am sure you all know how weird this can get. Firstly, she marries her own son, then, her husband is castrated by her own son. Next, the genitals give birth to many! This includes the goddess of beauty Aphrodite herself! But the weird part is still about to come.

As he was dying, Ouranos curses his son Kronos to bear the same fate as him and die the same way.

WHY?? Why does Ouranos want Kronos to also loose his genitals and die? Well, that is not what happened. What the curse did was also make Kronos fade because of his son. But I am sure that this was not how Ouranos would have wanted it to happen. The same pain… That’s what he would have liked (*wink)

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