Mythology Blogz- General: Myths

What are myths? Well, they are disgusting and outright awful stories of the pasts. How much ever you disapprove or disagree with the statement provided earlier, reading these blogs can change your mind. Yes, it is a fact that myths explain so many cultures, the ways of thinking, the past, the traditions of the ancient civilizations. They are addicting and that is the reason I am here today, talking about myths, letting you know about them and telling you that how much ever you dislike them, you won’t be able to stop once you have dived into this intriguing world.

A world where Greece is the home to the Olympians, where nine realms exist in the Scandinavian or Norse Myths, where the Milky way was created because of a goddess’ milk, where sun also goes into the darker underworld of Egypt and where Romans just tweaked the Greek Myths.

Greek myths are one of the most surviving myths and the ones I know the most about (comparative to other myths) but we also will be talking about Norse, Roman and Egyptian myths! There would also be my opinions so please don’t judge and enjoy reading

So, The myths are disgusting… How? Read on to find out!

Author’s Note: Cover ideas are accepted. DM on Tumblr. This is a blog series

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