The Life of a Legend – A Percy Jackson Fanfiction – Chapter 20

Poster for the story

There were tents next to his. Tents in silver. Tents who he knew that belongs to someone. The Hunters of Artemis were there setting a camp fire and laughing around. He tried to sneak inside his tent, but without Hermes’ and Artemis’ powers, he stepped on a twig and had hundreds of bows pointing at him. The best part was that he had his hood on so no one could see his face. “Why are you here, Male?”, said their lieutenant, a person he knew very well. He did not speak, as he was scared his voice would reveal who he was. He slowly raised his hand and pointed and the tent.

“So the tent is yours huh?”, she said, in the most thug way possible. “You can have that back”, She said dryly as Percy sighed, before she added, “After you tell us from where did you get these amazing weapons you have here, demigod”. Percy was gonna answer before he froze as she called him a demigod. How did she know? Because of the weapons? My aura?

“I made them”, Percy replied cautiously. “Hmm. A son of Hephestus then. Tell us, how should we kill you today?”.

Percy gulped nervously. He heard her say quietly to herself, “I was foolish to think that this could be of seaweed brain”

Percy was suddenly saddened. Remembering all the times him and Anna… her… had spent together. His eyes started seeping tears which drew a laugh from the hunters thinking that he was gonna beg for forgiveness. Instead, he slowly drew out a USB, which alarmed he hunters a bit, and when he uncapped it and showed Lampsi in its true form, the hunters went haywire and started shooting at him with deadly accuracy. He dodged the first few, remembering what Aether had taught him and took out his shield, called Empodio. The arrows harmlessly bounced of the strong shield.

He moved forward slowly, realizing he could not just teleport and when he came too close, the hunters realized they needed close-ranged weapons and they took out their hunting knives and started coming forward.

That was his strong point. He smirked and sheathed Empodio. Thalia was the first one to come and Percy felt bad as he moved aside and hit her hard with the extended hilt of Lampsi, knocking her out instantly. He felt bad for doing this to her before inwardly shrugged realizing he couldn’t have done anything else. He forgot about the other hunters and her senses suddenly alerted him.

He jerked sideward, narrowly missing a very angry Phoebe’s blade. “How dare you do that to our lieutenant boy”. After the next four minutes, every hunter was on the ground blacked out. He gently picked up his weapon, asked Hestia to teleport his cabin and explored the hunter’s camp.

He must say it was pretty well done. Apart from the living quarters, there was an armory, an infirmary, Artemis’ tent (which he decided not to go inside) and a wolf house which was filled with wolves (he decided not to go inside that too).

Just as he was about to run he felt a flash and realized that the goddess of moon was back. He heard her scream in horror and quickly ran towards her. One look in her eyes to him how angry she was. Her eyes were darkened and the silver crescents in her eyes had an unnerving blood-red tinge in them. She couldn’t see him, for what he thought, because she didn’t react even when he started running towards her. Deciding not to indulge with the goddess or talk his way out of this mess, he quickly wrote an apology and explanation note in Ancient Greek.

After that he started running out of the forest, or more like the sanctuary of Yellowstone National park and shifted his base to the Grifford Pinchot National forest.

Percy Jackson POV:

Time skip: Two hours

It was awesome and nostalgic to be here again. I remember the last time I was here a few years ago, with my mom. The thought of her brought tears in my eyes. I missed her so much. How she used to console me when I was going through my worst times. My insides filled with rage remembering how I lost her. 

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