Mythology Blogz- Greek: Leaving me alone? – Circe

Kill me gods, but would you do that
For I may be a witch for you to use at you disposal
Dejected I was my whole life and I didn’t even blat
But all hope now has been lost after you proposal

The proposal you gave to send me away
to a far away land without much say
Inherited with powers, is that my bane?
I still don’t want to choose the dark lane.

I can promise I will be as you choose,
even after my frail voice, can you keep me with you?
Yes I was shunned my whole life; just abuse
even from my siblings but now from you?

I am told of how no ichor flows in me,
People tired yet scared of my damn sorcery.
So what if I don’t look the way my siblings do
Can’t you treat me so that I don’t call you a shrew?

Yes, leave me here to rot as you please
To me you will come if my help you need
But I still will help you with an disease
Because its my loyalty that kills me indeed.

For my pride I will not cry today
even after you harshly say
“Go away you damned pharmika”
Never showing your own swastika.

Tearing me apart, or trying to
that’s what you are dong, aren’t you?
My life you ruined
and you still don’t feel like you rued.

I don’t think Circe needs much explaining to do, the author Madeline Miller has already done a fantastic job in doing that but today I am only going to talk about Circe’s exile.

Circe had revealed to the whole world that she is one of the only people who can extract magic from herbs. She, along with her three siblings, were the only people who seemed to have this power. Since the rest of the three were already living good and opulent lives, or that her father, the sun Titan Helios, already believed that they won’t conspire against Olympus, they weren’t harmed.

But Circe had been hurt all her life, shunned because of her voice that was like a mortal, and her complexion which wasn’t much like the other siblings, she could have conspired. She had already turned a mortal into a god and a beautiful nymph to a monster every sailor would fear later on.

To set an example of what would be done to the people who are too powerful, she was sent off, exiled, to an island called Aiaia. No, she wasn’t alone, there were plants and animals and once in a while a sailor would drop by.

She wasn’t alone, she was lonely. The closest people to her wouldn’t come to meet her or even try to contact her. Sometimes, apart from the God Hermes, some people would come asking for her help and she would still help being a very kind person despite what all happened to her.

Had I not done enough for you all? Just because I am powerful you will leave me here to rot? Yes, I may be powerful, yet I am weak as a flower because that is how you have left me. Vulnerable to anyone who I felt close. You manipulated me and then sent me away to an Island were I will be all alone. With no one to talk to, no one to listen to. Just me and my silence. This silence can drive anyone mad. That is not the problem. The problem is that I would still come to help any of you if you were in danger because of my frail yet big heart and because of my personal loyalty. You show me the stars above to drown me into the lake below I hadn’t seen. Was my life of so many centuries till now just a joke? My life is not something you would think as kidology, it is something that may harm you even after being the bluntest substance, for you may never know how I might have felt or still feel. My demise is all what you want and that is the reason I haven’t died because I won’t give you what you want.

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