Mythology Blogz- Greek: It’s not a box, Its a Jar; Pandora’s Jar

OK, I don’t know a person who doesn’t know the meaning of Pandora’s Box. Either the jewelry one or the expression, it is a pretty common term in English dictionary, but only some know of its history.

The first woman was fashioned out of clay by Hephaestus, blessed for beauty by his wife, Aphrodite herself. But the woman was given something else. The women was given curiosity and her name was Pandora. She was given as a gift to Epimethius, brother of Prometheus. I don’t understand why a woman here is treated as an object. She shouldn’t be. Mythology still says she was “gifted”

As a gift for the wedding that took place, she was given a beautiful jar but was asked to never open it. After this, all she saw was the jar. In her dreams, next to her bed, the kitchen where she cooked. Even after putting it inside a store, next moment the jar was with her. Every time she stopped herself from opening it but her curiosity was more than her will.

She opened the jar and released all the evil spirits that laid inside. Horrified and realizing what she had done, she closes the lid back, trapping only hope within. If hope too had left, then the whole world would have been destroyed.

This jar came to be known as the Pandora’s jar. I don’t understand how there were no evil spirits on earth before or why they weren’t there before but she released the sheath like the gods knew she would and they still not stop her to help us. I mean, they gave it away like they are divvying their true nature, which could be true after the stories of these gods.

What some people don’t know is that Pandora wasn’t just crafted to give mankind a perfect woman but she was given as a curse to mankind because her brother-in-law titan Prometheus had given fire to mankind. Yes, he had done something that the gods did not want but wasn’t getting his liver eaten everyday just for it to be regenerated and eaten the next day enough?

It was Pandora’s fate to open the box in the end and release the monstrosities held inside the magnificent jar. The gods had just crafted a story so that the people don’t blame this incident on them. And the reason why the gods never wanted to give men fire was due to the fact that they would prosper under it, which they did. The more men prosper the less they would pray to gods and that would lead to less fame for them and less satisfaction of people praying to them.

This portrays gods as selfish and deities who don’t want mankind to proper just so that they are respected. But I must also mention that their thinking was kind of true. We did prosper under fire and learned to live with the ills released by Pandora, and as we did, we forgot about gods and stopped worshiping like we used to. So instead of making us fear them, it would have been better if we would have been in a symbiotic relationship with mutual understanding for the benefit. Then, maybe we still would have been worshiping them and maybe they would have interfered with normal lives to give us opulent resources.

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