The Life of a Legend – A Percy Jackson Fanfiction – Chapter 21

Poster for the story

Percy sat in a very comfortable position. One leg on top of another crossed like in the yoga position, his back straight, while he thought deeply. Yes, he could think. He could think dam well. He was currently sitting next to the river and formulating his thoughts for him to write hem on a paper. Poetry was one of his new passions, not that he was good at it.

Sing through me oh great muse,
the story of a demigod in use.
Betrayed by all he stands alone,
writing the piece of poetry about how he had once shone.

But all the adventures were soon forgotten,
like the river water he soon had been swept away,
To no one’s dismay.
His own self he soon found shattered.

the hollow feeling that had just developed,
was a fire in which he was enveloped.
The once shelter his parents had given him,
had now been swept away with an upcoming wind.

He himself cries every night.
Looking at the sky as to curse the creator for his own existence.
Each night he says hello to the stars for another person,
and greets the huntress he had not forgotten.

The metallic taste in his mouth has turned bitter sweet,
Now that he is forever bound to remember his past,
his old friends he hoped he could meet,
failing them is something he can’t get rid of at last.

At the end of the poem which he had just written, he himself had tears sliding down his cheeks. As a tear fell on the paper he had just written the poem in, he felt a godly presence behind and threw the paper in the river knowing he could retrieve it later. He hastily turned, even though his movements were pretty slow due to the emotions running inside him. Standing before him was his favorite goddess, who he considered as a role model and mother.

Her hair hung loosely and she looked like she had lost hope, which shouldn’t even be possible. Slowly she crept towards him, which changed into a trot. For Percy everything was going on in slow motion. He noticed a tear sliding down her rosy cheeks. He noticed her hair moving in random directions. He observed as she opened her arms to embrace him. After that it was all a blur because his own eyes were filled to the brim with tears. Through the distorted image he saw her figure coming closer to him.

He waited for her to come, so he could also embrace her back because he knew he won’t move. Even with her short height and less mass, the impact of the hug made him stumble a few steps back, closer to the river he called his companion.

He hugged her tighter than ever, knowing that she won’t mind the immense pressure he was exerting. He needed that hug more than ever. Hestia put her hand on his muscular back and through her powers, sent a bit of hope and calmness into him. He relaxed to a point Hestia though wasn’t possible. Percy felt in utopia as he disremembered all the negative sentiments brewing inside him. He cried, remembering the way his mother used to hug him.

Hestia was in her 20 year old form, but was still petite enough for Percy to rest his chin on the top of her head. He did this so she doesn’t see the streams of tears currently flowing down his cheek. He wept and sobbed like he hadn’t in his whole life. He did not know for how long he hug lasted.

It could have been seconds or hours. But through the tight embrace he drained all his bottled up emotions for one and all. He broke the hug and suddenly felt incomplete, like a part of him had been taken for good. He pushed the feeling deep inside him.

“Percy, I felt you being deprived of all the hope you had. The last this happened was that day. I wasn’t there for you that day, but I had to be here today.”

Percy couldn’t speak, for the dryness in his throat had resulted in lips that required too much of his power to open apart. His eyes contained all answers, all questions, all sentiments, all thoughts and most importantly, gratitude and realization. He realized that he wasn’t alone, he had never being. It was just his overthinking mind that had internally given him all the pain he thought he deserved. He still felt that but the feelings had died down more than he thought it ever would. From that day onward, he was back to his old self, joyful and optimistic as ever.

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