The Sword of Death- Prologue

His laughter could be heard across the entire spelunk. The caveat against unsheathing of the sword was not taken seriously by the previously mentioned intruder. An earthquake hit the place soon enough, making rocks and stones under his feet rumble like an empty stomach. Rocks started perilously swaying in the cavern and bits of rocks started to crumble, hitting him square in the face.

With horror he realized that the situation he was currently stuck in was more serious that he had thought. Suddenly the evil smile on his pale face was wiped out and replaced by what could only be an expression of horror. His skin, wrinkle-covered, was white enough for Hades to be proud. His red fiery eyes were now cold and blue since they reflected his mood.

The sword dropped from his sweaty and trembling palms. The clank of the blade didn’t help the current situation and rather made it worse. As the sword slipped from the wet rock to underground river, he frantically dived inside the icy waters of the river, momentarily forgetting that he didn’t know how to swim.

He managed to grab the sword by its hilt and almost sighed. Realization flashed upon his face as he started moving his freezing limbs to propel himself up and out of the river. As his final breath left his lungs he tried to throw the blade and lunge upwards at the same time. His muscles as he relaxed as he slowly sunk to the ground, deprived of life. The bubbles that started rising from his nostrils reached the surface on last time as the frigid water entered his lungs.

The sword floated away with speed as the river water suddenly churned and started moving at a greater velocity. It shot through the water as a bullet through the air, maybe surpassing its speed too.

The shock waves of this speed created billions of ripples in the river that looked more like tides because of their enormous size. The sword would have a greater destiny than it was supposed to because of this act of the man. The sword, which was only in myths and legends. The sword of death.

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