Mythology Blogz- Roman/Greek: Faunny Satyrs and Bacchanal Centaurs

OK, I love Chiron. If its because of Percy Jackson or just him being the best centaur in Greek Mythology, I myself am incognizant of it. Something about him being an absolutely modest and helpful centaur and the complete opposite of his drunkard kinsmen (or kins-centaurs:)) is just stupefying. He helped heroes and trained them for nothing in return.

The others were followers of Bacchus or Dionysus, savage and violent, while he was famous for his wisdom and patience. According to many myths, Chiron lived at the foot of Mount Pelion in Thessaly. He appears in many myths, famously the myths of his grandson Peleus and his great-grandson Achilles.

He was accidentally shot by a poisoned arrow by Heracles (everyone hates him) and decided to renounce his immortality to favor Prometheus, who was punished for giving fire to humans (as mentioned in the 4th blog).

I still look at him, or try to find him, in the skies. He was said to have become a constellation named Centaurus. For now, I have been capable of only finding such a great constellation once.

And now lets go to satyrs, or fauns as per the Romans, were also followers of Dionysus. They were lovers, friends and partners of the nymphs and according to me one of the foulest creatures to be on the mythical planet. Simply because they were drunk “semi-humans” who engaged in parties and wild games. Now, they are depicted differently in Percy Jackson and I can only wish that they were actually as per that depiction but alas, one can hope knowing that the history cannot change. For now, they are creatures that would have no difference had they not been a part of the myths, maybe except for the swearing of maidenhood of Hestia. But that’s a blog for another time.

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