About Me

I am an ambitious and humorous person who tries to see the positive in everything. I like reading, programming and writing short stories

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Why did I make this website?

  • It gives me immense satisfaction when I share my thoughts, short stories, and whatever my mind deciphers. I am sure you would enjoy them too.
  • My posts can help people get new Ideas and thoughts.
  • You feedback would help me improve.
  • I want to help you all craft the perfect story you need and the ideal website you want.

How can you contribute?

  1. I would love to have some feedback from you.
  2. You are free to post any question and I will surely write back.
  3. Send me ideas on which story to make and I would definitely look into it.
  4. You can send your queries and doubts in my Discord account and I would surely look into them.
  5. You can also submit your stories to me via my tumblr and get it featured! I will post that story on my Tumblr blog with your reference too and you ill also become an “@writer” in my discord server

Contact me : insights@thoughtsofkairav.com
Or, if you have any doubts or complains, email me on:
For making the perfect story and sending your stories, email me here.

Thanks👍👌👍 and please fill the survey as it will help me improve my website.

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