Over here, I have answered some Frequently Asked Questions.

What all genres are you good at?

I try my best to be good at all the genres possible. It is honestly something you have to judge based on my writing. I think I am good with fiction fantasy, fanfictions, mystery, horror etc. because I get many ideas related to them.

Are you going to be on youtube?

Yes, I am preparing my YouTube channel. There, I would post about Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Norse mythology and more about software, websites, comparison of software, plugins, great features, things that interest me (like about Bermuda’s Triangle), about stories, how you can write stories, about blogs, how you can write blogs, narration my stories and many more stuff which I would want you to explore I will attach the link here soon.

Why did you mention the sources you have used (https://thoughtsofkairav.com/about-platforms/)

I have done this to express my gratitude towards these sources. They have helped me a lot and they are very good and easy to use. Specially some sites like Wattpad and Reedsy

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