Service #1

We help you make the perfect story and book you need. From name suggestions and pen name suggestions to the software you can use to make your stories.

Service #1

How I will help

Once you have send me your mail or sent me a message on my discord server, I will respond to you as soon as I can. Any query you have (Like: “How can I make my perfect story?” or “What are DNS records and how can I use it as a WordPress web-developer?”) would be answered. I am sure you will be satisfied at the end of the day. Follow me so if I post a new guide to help you, you will get it straight in your inbox!

You may also get some guides through the quarterly newsletter I would send to you. Be sure to check it out in your inbox.
P.S: Please check your spam folders too.

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Service #2

I love to make a site and improve it. I am sure some of you too. I can help you develop the perfect site you want and need.

The Services

Service #1

Story-writing with Kairav
Learn how to write a story, which software to use, how to choose a name and many more things.
Learn about others’ experience and share your own experience here.

Service #2

Developing with Kairav
Learn how to make a website, which software to use to make one, how you can choose a domain name and much more!
Learn about others’ experience and share your own experience here.

What you can gain from our services

What you will gain with Kairav
With me, you would be able to learn how many new things which will help you farther in your life and career.
Learn about others’ experience and share your own experience here.

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Replying Hours

SunThu: 02:00 pm – 10:00 pm
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How I use Discord

I use Discord so you can message me and learn about the doubts of other people. This will also help you collaborate with other people who have the same ideas. You can know How I use Discord and how you can use it by clicking over here. Learn: How do people promote their stories?