How you can submit your stories via Tumblr

You all must have noticed that recently, I added my completed Tumblr blog to my social dropdown. There are many opportunities planned ahead and I wanted to inform you about them... Please read this.

What is DNS? How you can use it as a (WordPress) web-developer? Guide #3

DNS records are one of the most important parts of a website. Come take a look at what they are and their types and how you as a WordPress site-developer can use them. The Guide No.3

How I use Discord — And how you can use it: Guide #2

Hello everybody! As you must have realized, I have now gone live on Discord! To help you understand how I use Discord, what are the opportunities in my Discord server, how you as a blogger can use discord, I have posted my second guide of here. Keep reading! My discord server:

How You Can Make The Perfect Story- Guide1

I have written a guide to help you make your story. Please check it out. Like, share, comment and follow! I will wait to see your stories!